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Comfortable interior design

Interior designers knowingly pay special attention toAttention to the design of the bedroom and living room. The interior of these rooms should take into account the tastes and needs of each member of the family and harmonize with the design of other rooms in your home. The bright and cozy living room will leave pleasant impressions to the guests from the visit to your house and will serve as a corner of comfort and warmth, in which it is so nice to gather and spend time with the whole family. Therefore, when planning the design and decorative elements of this room, try to create in it an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

A separate and most important part of the project is design Bedrooms. After a dream, a person spends almost half of hisLife! A pleasant minutes before bed, spent reading a book or watching TV, a special and almost sacred time of awakening, relaxing daytime rest make the bedroom a special part of life for each of us. An important issue is not only the location of the bed, but also each piece of decor individually - correctly selected lighting and color scheme, decoration of windows and walls, because it is their combination that creates coziness in your bedroom. The rest zone in the room can be equipped with a night lamp giving a soft, muffled light for it. A classic lamp in the lampshade will decorate most of the modern bedrooms. In the recreation area you can place an aquarium, because it has long been known that watching its inhabitants relaxes and gives a person a sense of peace and security.

Living room Is a multifunctional premise, it canSelect several main zones. Although initially the living room was conceived as a venue for business meetings and interviews, at present most living rooms must correspond to other ways of using it. Family viewing of the film, a place for a buffet at the reception of guests, a playground, a card table, soft sofas - all this can make up its interior. It's good if there are several light sources in the living room. The active, active zone can be illuminated by a built-in fluorescent lamp or chandelier, harmoniously combined with the general tones of the living room. For all its multifunctionality, there should be enough free space in the room. Do not clutter the living room with cumbersome furniture, it is better to use cabinet furniture of small dimensions. A spacious living room will allow you to hold dancing evenings and various mobile children's competitions. The walls of the drawing room are a great place to place works of art on them: paintings, installations, collages and embroideries. Well combined with the interior of the room and the general spirit of the house, the paintings emphasize your good taste and the ability to surround yourself with beautiful and original things. Another classic version of the living room decor is the floor and table vases for flowers. Modern manufacturers offer a wide choice of floor, wall, desktop vases and flowerpots, made of various materials. Many styles and colors allow you to choose a vase to any variant of the interior of the room. All objects in the living room should be in accordance with their purpose and frequency of use, optimizing the space of the room - one of the most important tasks of the designer.

Recent trends in the design of the living room and bedroomSuggest the use of natural materials in its design. Live flowers and eekbans from them, furniture from a wood file, bamboo and reed rugs, animal skins, herbariums - all this will help to create a unique and interesting interior of rooms. There are many options for a possible color solution, most often it's pastel, soft and light colors. Using them, you visually increase the size of the room. Perfect for this interior chocolate, cream, violet and gold shades of color. The main thing in creating an interior is how comfortable and free you will feel when you are in it. If you want to achieve a worthy, satisfying all your requirements, the result in the design of these rooms, then entrust the interior design: bedroom, living room to proven professionals in the field of interior design.

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