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Near Andorra, cities in Spain

City Leon The capital of the eponymous region of Leon, whichIs part of the autonomous community of León and Castile, in the northwestern part of Spain. The population of the city according to 2006 is 136 976 people, which makes this city the largest regional municipality.

Leon is known to everyone for the Cathedral,Executed in the Gothic style and a lot of monumental buildings, such as, for example, the Real Collegiate de San Isidro (in which the Royal Pantheon is the mausoleum in which representatives of the royal families of the medieval Leone found their last refuge, and also has the best collection of Romanesque paintings) ; A temple with a neo-Gothic facade of San Marcos (residence of the Order of Santiago, erected in the 16th century); Casa de Botines (work of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, now there is a bank in this building); Or the newest Museum of Contemporary Art of Leon and Castile. The city has many historical monuments, which testify to the outstanding both medieval and modern history of Leon. This is such a well-known historical monument, as the Cathedral of the District is made in the Gothic style, with its large stained-glass windows inherent in this style.

Leon was founded in the first century BC. Legionnaire of Rome Legio VI Victrix. Here, in 69 year, this legionary created a militaryCamp, in order to protect and ensure the uninterrupted transportation of gold mined in the region, for the most part to Las Medulas. This camp became the basis for the emergence of the city. From Legionnaire of Rome Legio VI Victrix And the modern name of the city takes place.

Among the traditions of the city the most popular placeHas a celebration of the Holy Week (Easter), during the celebration of which numerous colorful processions pass through the city center. One of the most beautiful processions is the Procession of the Meeting, which plays a meeting of 3 groups representing the Virgin Mary, St. John and Christ taking place in front of the Cathedral of the city. According to various information sources, this celebration is simply of enormous international interest, and these days, many people from all corners of the globe visit the city of Leon to see, feel, and participate in these traditional processions.

City Granada Is located in the south of Spain, not far fromAfrican continent. It is the capital of the province of the same name, which is part of a larger region - the autonomy of Andalusia. The territory of the city is located on an area of ​​88.02 square meters. Km. The population according to the 2009 data is 234 with a small thousand people. The city is located on three hills and on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains. A distinctive feature of its architecture is a lot of very narrow streets. And there are a lot of here and pretty narrow houses. The climate is very favorable for tourists - it's always warm and a lot of sunny days.

The people of Granada are very good-natured and hospitable. And Granada itself belongs to the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a favorite city of poets and other creative people. Not far from here, in the city, also belonging to the province of Granada, was born the famous poet Fredicico Garcia Lorca. The great poet also visited Granada.

From the cultural events taking place in the city,There are also music festivals, there are also theaters and cinemas. Many tourists visit Granada for skiing - there are many ski trails with lighting. Also the city is famous for the fact that guitars, castanets and other musical instruments are produced here.

It is believed that it was in Granada that the belovedAnd the much-admired dance of flamenco. Till now on mountain Sakromonte there are caves where lived, and now live the gypsies who have presented to the world this dance. Another dance is also known, accompanied by guitar accompaniment and singing. It's called Zambra.

And the city is famous for its university, opened in 1531. Many Russian students are also studying there.

Granada and Leon are wonderful cities, visiting which you will see a lot of new and interesting and will be able to absorb the spirit of this Spain.

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