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Automatic knife for cans

A can opener was invented in the XIX century -several decades after the opening of the iron can. Can you imagine how much effort had to be applied to our ancestors before this joyful event! Especially since the first tin cans were made of very thick metal and weighed pretty well. Soldiers (it was for them and invented canned food) have adapted to crack their rations with a bayonet or knife, and to get to the contents, especially a stubborn specimen, sometimes even fired at it. Fortunately, there is not such a difficult task before you. First, cans became more malleable, and secondly, for their opening, special knives were invented, with which lovely ladies can cope. Automatic knife for cans - what you need!

Dangerous "wood"

The very first canner's knife had two blades: one crashed into the lid of the jar, and the other held the device on its edge. Invented for more than a century, a bayonet hybrid with a sickle is nothing more than the wooden opener you know with hooked blades worth about 200 rubles. That's just the physical effort to uncork cans, it requires a lot, and the result of her work is usually deplorable - curves and sharp edges, which can easily be cut. However, among our housewives there are rare people who not only know how to deftly handle a wooden opener, but also as a new assistant choose a similar unit. If this is your case, the main thing - do not bother with a fake and carefully inspect the product. The quality of the canning knife keeps the metal part firmly in the handle, the wood is completely varnished, very well ground and does not have a single notch or dent. Unfortunately, it is possible to check the strength of the main part of the opener-its blade-only during operation. If the alloy at the metal head is of good quality and the proportions are observed, it is true that you will cope with the opening of canned food. If you got a fake, a bank or bottle will remain unopened or open crookedly.

Turn the wheels!

If you are in search of a new opener, reverseattention to can opener with cogwheels. They are different in design, but they are the same in essence - you put the appliance on the jar, twist the lever, and the cutting roller, moving in a circle, opens the tin. Such a device is more expensive than a "piece of wood" (on average - 500-1000 rubles), but it is more convenient and safe, because such a knife never leaves sharp edges on the bank. Moreover, some models are equipped with a special clip or a magnet that allows you to remove the cover without even touching it. In addition, this device can open canned food of almost any diameter. When choosing a device with a cogwheel, pay attention to a few important points. The opener should have ergonomic handles and a lever, it is good to lie down in your hand, regardless of whether the right-hander or the left-hander. It is desirable that the parts of the device intended for grasping are covered with plastic or rubberized materials - they are more pleasant to take for them than for metal objects. But the main mechanism of the product (cogwheel) should be made of high quality stainless steel - only such a bottle opener will not rust over time and will last for many years.

Two devices for the screw

What only do not think up mistresses to getcucumbers and tomatoes, hidden in glass jars with screw caps: substitute the container under a stream of hot water, try to punch it with a knife, pierce with an awl. But why, so torment, when there is a special opener? It will cost you an average of 500-800 rubles. The device consists of several knife circles of different diameters, which correspond to the often found sizes of screw caps. Having spread the handles of the device to the sides, it is necessary to put it on a closed jar. Then re-connect them and pull up: the blades will hook the lid and open it. True, this device has one disadvantage - after its operation, the screw cap should be discarded. If you're used to reusing threaded covers, choose another device. It is worth it quite inexpensively - 200-400 rubles. and it works very simply. You put the device on the lid of a glass jar or plastic bottle stopper (it is designed for a different diameter of a circle) and turn it to the side. Of course, certain efforts will have to be made. But the lid will give in more quickly and the hand will not slide, as with the usual opening. Such devices are made of plastic, so when buying, pay attention to the strength of the material and smell it, because fakes usually have a sharp smell.

Electroknife is good for everyone

Mechanical opener will help you cope withscrew caps and cans, but you will have to work with them. If you do not want to do this kind of work, get an electroknife, and he will do everything himself! There is a similar technique 1500-2000 rubles. and can be manual or desktop. The compact manual electron-operated battery works from the batteries - just put it on the jar and press the button. The mechanism of the device automatically mates with the edge of the tin, cuts the lid and stops after completing its task. And the resulting edges will be perfectly even and neat. If you are satisfied with such a mechanism, give preference to a model with an integrated magnet, which also lifts the lid from the can. The stationary electrical option operates from a mains or battery. This is a vertically standing device (approximately 15 cm in height and 10 cm in width). You fix in it a jar of condensed milk or peas - and everything: the round blade of the unit quickly and gently opens them, and the magnet lifts the lid. When buying a desktop electric appliance, choose a model that, among other things, can sharpen ordinary knives, is equipped with rubberized legs, a place to store the cord and can be attached to the wall.

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