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How to organize space in a small apartment

Who drank from my cup?

The need to mark the territory went to us ininheritance from our distant ancestors (according to Darwin!), when homo sapiens did not yet exist in nature. All animals find their own special zone, which is zealously defended from invasions of strangers - regardless of whether it is a permanent refuge or temporary. Protection of the nest is a manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation. After all, if you have separate four walls, no winds or rains are terrible, and predators have little chance to get into such a fortress. We noticed that when we are seated at a resort in a new room, first of all we choose our bed for the registration of our vulnerable. In his apartment, too, leave a mark - lay out napkins, arrange bowls and trinkets. These things are nothing more than ways to grab more space. It is unlikely that someone from the home will put your favorite figurine right next to your porcelain dog. I. Of course, we choose a room (if the area of ​​housing permits!) Or we equip our own corner.

True, in Western Europe there is another trend in fashion -not to hide, but to open, thus showing how to organize space in a small apartment. And here it comes to the point of absurdity. Are made bathrooms, toilets with glass doors. And in especially avant-garde interiors shower cabins are equipped even in the living rooms and ... on the loggias.

Like, what can we hide? However, in this seemingly openness there is a certain amount of expansion - so eccentric I declare the world about myself and expand my zone of influence. Take a shower in the living room in front of friends or on the balcony of passers-by in sight - tacitly declare who is the master here.

Secret room: No entrance?

However, personal territory is not onlyseparate room. This is a lockable box, and a casket, and a diary, and contacts in the mobile, and even music. Did they notice that adolescents adore turning on a tape recorder or putting on headphones? This is also a demonstration of its sovereignty. By the way, psychologists in the concept of privacy (personal zone) includes emotions, and addictions, and tastes of each member of the family. In other words, to get into the soul with inappropriate questions is to break the private territory.

What are the consequences of such an invasion? Rummage in someone else's box - then automatically cause discontent of its owner. A teenager, whose individual borders are ignored, may become withdrawn or, on the contrary, behave very defiantly - acquire harmful habits, run away from home. Painfully respond to violation of personal territory and adults. Hence discord, squabbles, boycotts - until the collapse of the "cell of society". However, all the tensions about "Mine! Do not you dare take it! "You can avoid it if you properly equip a cozy corner for everyone.

Divide and rule!

The main creators of interior autonomy -partitions. They will help you learn how to organize space in a small apartment. The barriers do not have to be up to the ceiling. It can be low stenochki, and shelves, and bookshelves, and large flower stands with an abundance of indoor plants, and even chairs or sofas. Have you chosen a cozy corner for yourself? Put at least a chair with a long back, and you will already feel alone. By the way, the role of border guards with success can perform and original items - a large outdoor vase, a fun soft toy. That is all that stops the look and delays the attention of others from you. Another conductor of personal space is well-organized lighting.

You can centralize the room using the centrallight, side lamps, floor lamps. Want to unite all - turn on the grand chandelier on the ceiling. You need small islets for reflection - use sconces, floor lamps, spotlights (light and shadow will clearly indicate the cordons of a private area). Another outlines the personal space of color. Color, for example, in the grayish-silvery room part of the wall in green color - and get a wonderful zone for rest. However, every apartment in the apartment has its secrets of comfort.

In places!

To feel good during dinner forkitchen table, each member of the family must take its place, before all the household agree among themselves - who, where will sit. The right to choose the first is usually given to the owner or the one who is the principal in: the apartment. Then his place is looked for by the second, the third "commander" and so on, in order. (Such a pyramid is also from the animal world. Hierarchy exists in monkeys.) By the way, if the master gives his guest the throne in the kitchen, he will show him special favor. And this is sure to be felt by all other inhabitants of the apartment.

Living room suggests
openness of space. However, it requires separate islands - after all, a family can gather here for gatherings in the evenings in a close home. Someone wants to watch TV, someone - read. Partitions in the hall are unlikely to be appropriate. But the items on the floor, sconces and floor lamps, unusual color spots will divide it into several comfortable areas. By the way, in every apartment you need to make a zone for communication - where you can chat together with a guest or with each other. It can be a beautiful corner in the living room - with a small table and a couple of chairs. As an option - you can equip a balcony. And, of course, you need to consider the trajectory of the movement of the household. In places of active movement it is better not to put your chair - the eternal melteshenie will only irritate.

Important point
on the map of the apartment there is an office. The owner, of course, equips him to his liking. However, in most cases, a woman pushes him gently to take an interior decision. And here is the common mistake of many ladies. For some reason it seems to them that the head of the family needs solid dark furniture. This design is already old fashioned. Respectability of men will be emphasized by a dark wall. And furniture can be more light colors. Women express their inner world through a game of textures and tactile contact. Therefore, in the lady's room (cabinet) there will be a lot of velvet, soft pillows, silk fabrics - everything that creates a mood of softness.

A bedroom in the family
- as a rule, a place for two. But in this "we" we must hear both "I". Architects do not recommend storing things of the couple in the same closet. First, smells are mixed - the clothes of a man and a woman are fragrant in various ways. And secondly, opening the wardrobe of the second half, we deprive her of the right to personal secrets. By the way, a very small percentage of spouses are uncomfortable sleeping together. Someone comes home too late or often turns in a dream - and his dearest half sleeps too sensitively. Here you should not copy the masses, and sleep separately - if not in different rooms, then at least on different beds. And the connecting link between the spaced beds can be a large soft carpet - it will add an element of playfulness and novelty to the bedchamber.

Many carefully think through personal territoryadults, but completely forget about the younger generation of the family. Of course, it's wrong to put the baby on the most honorable place and indulge all his whims - he will grow up to be a big egoist. But, according to Teresa Mayevskaya, respecting the interests of children is necessary, as their own. Did they notice that little children like climbing under the table, designing cottages from pillows? So they are trying to create a world corresponding to their size. Therefore, places for games should be small. For example, the lower tier of a two-level bed. Upstairs the child will sleep, and below play. Children's room can be very large, but in the middle you can put a tent - and the crumb will be happy to bother next to her with dolls or typewriters. The locker for clothes and toys must be separate. It is not right to store things of the child on one shelf with the parents. If there are several children, it is necessary to allocate a cupboard to each of them.

Places for study
too, must be separate. If you put a few partners is unrealistic, you can fence the table, or a long window sill for practicing a thin plateau or a pile of books. An important detail, which is overlooked by parents, is a place for communicating with peers. Especially it concerns teenagers. But the younger children also have conversations with friends on the agenda. Arrange part of the room so that children can tell each other their secrets. And then they will be infinitely grateful to you for your care, and the spiritual connection between you will only grow stronger. After all, the family's task is not to separate, but to unite.

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