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How to have a good and inexpensive vacation in Ukraine

Choosing a place of rest

A voyage must exclude stress factors,disgusted in everyday life. If you're tired of traffic jams, it's better not to go to a bus tour of big foreign cities. At work, talk a lot with people? Refuse from popular resorts in favor of less well-known and quieter holiday destinations.

Tickets, money, documents

The first thing to put in a bag is the necessary"Papers". Worry about the trinity is better in advance. Money, as a rule, is postponed for a vacation. In time to buy a ticket - for peace and economy. Bus tickets for pre-sale are received 15 days before the expected date of departure, on the train - for 45, on the plane - for several months.

From documents adults need a passport, children -birth certificate. Going abroad with a child? It will be necessary to arrange for him a children's travel document (from the age of 14 he is compulsory) or enter the child in the passport (if at the time or during the trip he turns five years there must be glued his photograph). In the case of a child traveling with only one of the parents, it is necessary to formalize and notarize the permission of the other parent to leave the baby abroad.

Free time

Before and post-launch syndrome - insidious. The first one in anticipation of future benefits does not allow you to gather your thoughts, and the second prevents you from joining the work schedule. Therefore, before leaving and after arrival, it is better to leave for two days off for quiet fees, purchase of necessary things and arrival after a tourist adventure.


Many women, before going on vacation,ask themselves how to spend a good and inexpensive vacation in Ukraine. The further the route lies, the more difficult it is for an organism to adapt to new conditions, water, food, and the time zone. To drowsiness and even more fatigue did not follow the shadow, adaptogens will help: tinctures of magnolia vine, ginseng, eleutherococcus. Take them not after leaving the train (bus, plane), and for a month before leaving for 15-20 drops in the morning and before dinner.


Before leaving home you need to disableall electrical appliances from the network, close the taps, close the windows and doors. The doors of the washing machine must be left ajar so that an unpleasant smell does not appear in it. Follow all the recommendations? Leave will not bring trouble and completely restore your strength.

SPA hotels of Ukraine

To have a rest, to be well, to be prettier is all thiseasy to implement at the SPA-resort (this type of recreation is now very popular). And it is not necessary to go to Ukraine for the far end of the earth, to put in order the body and soul, because the beauty farms of Ukraine are in no way inferior to their Western "brethren"!

Villa "Hut Spa"

This SPA-center is located in Truskavets. The neighborhood resembles a drowning island in greenery - with an exclusive pool for hydro and aeromassage, a Roman steam room with aromas of Carpathian herbs, a salt cave, rooms for aromatherapy and various massage techniques. The choice of beauty procedures is huge: a deep cleansing with the use of phyto-aromatic oils or an anti-aging program with sea collagen, slimming express with anti-cellulite elastomaski, drainage massage or wraps with cryolosone.

Use of "natural elixir" of local mineral sources and aroma secrets, selection of a personal effective program.


SPA-complex in Ukraine and Truskavets, in whichNew technologies of domestic balneology and physiotherapy are combined with the world's achievements in medicine. Local mineral waters here treat diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys, liver and biliary tract, restore metabolism and calm nerves. For the maintenance of vitality - stone therapy, tala-therapy, aromatherapy, Thermo SPA Concerto (vita energy recovery system), Dermalife SPA-JetTM alpha capsule, hydrophobia, music therapy, infrared heat, vibromassage, miostimulation, vacuum and pressotherapy .

Treatment and recovery of water from mineral springs plus crystal clear air!

Palmira Palace Resort & SPA

The hotel is located in the park on the territory of the residencePrince Dmitry Konstantinovich in the village of Kurpaty near Yalta. The specialists have consultations and diagnostics of health reserves (including Ayurveda), hardware physiotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, vacuum therapy, low-frequency currents, inhalatorium. The center of balneology and mud therapy offers thalasso wraps, stone therapy, cosmetic procedures for face and body, massages.

The combination of a wellness program in Ukraine with aesthetic pleasures and fascinating excursions and walks by the sea on a yacht.


The sanatorium of Ukraine is located not far from Uman. "Menu": mineral baths (radon, hydromassage-ozone, turpentine, iodide-bromine, pearl, coniferous, galvanic, vortex), therapeutic shower (circular, Sharko, laser, ascending), mud wraps (based on curative mud Kuyalnitsky estuary). And for "dessert" - healing in the speleotherapy room. Especially effective is hydrochloride therapy for chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, bronchial asthma, allergies, various immunodeficiency states.

It is possible to put in order the work of all systems of the body and solve problems with the back.

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