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How to choose the right curtains in an apartment

Correctly selected curtains will help to hidePossible shortcomings of the finish, transform the window and the apartment as a whole. And here it is necessary to take into account both the height of the ceiling, and the size of the windows, and their location. In addition, it is necessary to determine what role curtains will play. For example, they should serve to protect against dust and bright light, and in winter from cold, but for this, sometimes you have to sacrifice design. Also important is the functionality of curtains, for example in door and window openings.

Design of curtains

The most common design optionCurtains is a combination of two panels made of different materials: a thin and transparent curtain that hangs freely, covers the entire window area, and on the sides of the window are portraits of heavy and dense fabric. For a narrow room, it is recommended to use fabrics with cross strips that will help to visually expand it, and for rooms with low ceilings - with vertical.

To the interior of the room did not merge with the curtains, theirThe color should be a little lighter or darker than the walls. Red and yellow colors create a feeling of warmth and comfort, and gray and blue are considered cold tones. An additional sense of warmth can give the curtains, made of dense fabrics.

Often used to decorate windowsAdditional elements, such as lambrequins, which are located horizontally the window and close the cornice, part of the curtains and the upper partition. Lambrequins give a sense of completeness of the window decoration. We would not recommend using them in rooms with low ceilings, as the overall composition can turn out to be too cumbersome.

Selection of fabrics for curtains

Curtains can be produced with almost anyKnown fabric, the main thing is that it is soft and well draped. The most popular are tulle and gabardine. However, you need to choose the fabric depending on the style of the room. For example, in the children's room you can hang curtains of bright "jeans", and in the bedroom - from heavy velvet. The choice of the material is also affected by the functionality of the curtains. Curtains with wool lining will help to keep heat in the apartment, so they are recommended to hang out in the cold season. In summer, you can leave a light lace cloth on the windows.

If the main function of curtains is to protect the roomFrom sunlight, you should choose fabrics impregnated with a special compound that will protect it from the sun and prevent burnout. If the curtains perform the function of a dust collector, they will often have to be washed, so they should be made of a dense fabric, preferably without a lining.

The most practical tissues are tissues made fromPure polyester or with the addition of cotton. Such curtains are easy to wash at home, but at a water temperature of no more than 30-40 degrees. For curtains made of velvet or fabrics with cotton and linen, only dry cleaning can be used. If the room is illuminated by the sun for most of the day, it is not recommended to use curtains made of pure cotton, since the fabrics of this material are quickly burned out, losing their beautiful original appearance.

Recently, curtains have become popularOf silk. This fabric is very pleasant to the touch, but requires special protection, as it quickly burns out in the sun. Curtains made of taffeta are often used for decorating cabinets. This fabric looks luxurious, well-repellent light and easy to clean.

The most practical artificial tissue isviscose. It is perfectly erased and also fire resistant. Flax is considered to be the most popular natural cloth, but it is not used in its pure form for sewing curtains, but with various additives that improve its properties.

Some ways to drape the curtains

If you have chosen your own interior in the classicalStyle, then the curtains can be picked up from heavy fabrics, picked up by a cord with a fringe, or a French curtain, flowing with magnificent folds. For the style of hi-tech Roman curtains, as well as different types of blinds (vertical, horizontal, roll) will do. You can use the addition of tulle.

To give any fabric curtains its ownIndividuality, the fabric can be painted with special paints or applied on it with appliqués. This solution is best for children's rooms. Thus, you can make the design of your apartment truly unique.

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