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Factors affecting family well-being

The main door is the gateway through which to us in theThe house can enter luck, and behind which we can escape from adversity. The main "mouth of the Qi", leading to the dwelling, should be attractive and easily accessible for well-being. Success and prosperity should be able to find a way to our house and enter it.

Important attribute of the house

Keep an eye on the cleanliness of the input, regardless of whetherCity you live in or in nature. The door should be serviceable, handles, hinges, locks must function and do not creak. The best colors for the door are red and black, the door must be massive and durable. If each time you shudder from the sound of a call, change it to a pleasant one or clean it up altogether.

Under the door rug put Chinese coins, their number should be a multiple of three - it will attract the energy of money for factors affecting family well-being and happiness.

A neat door with pretty fittingsContributes to success and prosperity, and neglected and broken will scare off positive energy. The entrance to the house should be well illuminated. You can not turn off the light even during the day.

The front door should not be reflected in the mirror, otherwise luck will enter the house and immediately exit.

Not the best option when the doors are placedOpposite the friend. The so-called disputing doors lead to conflicts in the family. To eliminate possible problems, hang a mirror or picture next to one of the doors. The door should open into the rooms and harmonize in size with the dimensions of the dwelling.

If you live in a private home,In front of the main entrance there were no solitary trees for the weather in the house, family well-being and stability. This is dangerous for the occupants of the house. It is better to remove such trees or move the door to another place.

Road from the threshold

Bad, if the entrance to the garage will replace your front door. Wicket potoryonechku overgrown with weeds, and your quiet life will end very quickly.

People often do not understand where the problems come from and why they pile on them like a snowball. And this is a natural result of neglecting the main entrance.

The road leading to a country house should notTo rest on your door. The straight path leading to the front door is a "poisoned arrow". This harmful energy will cause many troubles, it will be difficult to live in such a house. Straight beams of roads, T-junctions, power lines, lonely trees, square columns, corners of neighboring buildings - all this can be "poisoned arrows".

It's good to have a second door in the country house even during construction. Do not make out of the kitchen exit to the street.


Hanging bell over the front doorPrevents the impact of negative qi energy. The color combination of a red ribbon and a golden bell symbolizes abundance and great luck, and if it is present near the front door, then it attracts well-being to the house.


There are Yang and Yin coins on Chinese coinsSide. On the Yang - four characters, on the Yin - two. Tie the coins in red tape with the Jan side up. Put them under the mat at the entrance door inside the apartment. On the eve of New Year on the Chinese calendar, dig old coins, and put new ones under the rug. So you will attract money luck.

You also need to be very sharp with charlatans,Or as we think, scammers. Currently, there is the opportunity to see a lot of Chinese elements for happiness and prosperity in the house, which in fact will not be real. Buy these items only in specialized stores.

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