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Active rest as a means of a healthy lifestyle


• Where: Bernese Alps, Switzerland

In order to hike through the mountains, inThe Swiss Alps have created all the conditions: on the paths and paths suitable for this purpose, there are special yellow plates with the directions of the route numbers, and maps with a detailed description of the surroundings lie freely in the lobby of any hotel. Walking through the valleys can be done independently, but if you are going to the mountains, it is better to hire a guide. All pedestrian

routes (this is a total of 60,000 km)connected with the network of roads and railways. The most beautiful are the Alps near the city of Bern. Starting in Meiringen, you can get to Grindelwald and move on - past the Jungfrau, Iger and Mönch. The town of Meiringen is known not only for lying on the shore of a wonderful lake called Brincensee and being the "gateway" to the regions of Ballina and Ticino, but also because it was here that, at the whim of Arthur Conan Aoyla, Sherlock Holmes threw Prof. Moriarty into the abyss. The path to the Reichen-bah waterfall, where this remarkable event took place, is named after the genial London detective, his name is worn by the hotel located nearby. A cable car leads to the waterfall. Another attraction of these places is Arsky Canyon. The Are River, originating in the Alpine glaciers, breaks its way into a narrow ravine among the rocks, to further spread over a flat valley. The width of the gorge - from one to twenty meters, the water in the river is bright green, in the most beautiful places above the stream are built wooden walkways. The height of the Jungfrau mountain is -4158 m, the Eiger is 3970 m, Mönch is 4107 m, the snow never melts on their peaks. You can climb the Jungfrau by the highest mountain in Europe railway. From the terrace of the Sphinx Observatory, eternal ice, clear lakes, villages, meadows with untouched grasses, in short, everything that is called Switzerland, are clearly visible.

Price of tour: from 1000 euros per week


• Where: Haute Savoie, France

Upper Savoy is the easternmost departmentthe Rhône-Alpes region, where the borders of France, Italy and Switzerland converge. Strictly speaking, the Italian border here is quite a bit, but the French and Swiss slopes are connected by a single network of ski runs and bicycle routes, so that from France you can easily drive to Switzerland and vice versa. The most popular bike routes lie along the low bank of Annecy Lake to Albertville itself (approximately 45 km), and also along the slopes of the Arabian mountain massif: Princess Gallic Tour (75 km, starting and finishing in the famous resort of La Clusaz), cycling through the summit Col de la Colombeur (1613 m above sea level, one of the most difficult sections of the famous Tour de France cycle), or through the vertices of the Manigod ski resort (42 km). Maps of bike routes and everything you need for a trip you get at any local tourist office. However, you can not set global goals, but simply rent a bicycle and go for pleasure - along the lake, past boats and wooden piers, toy villages with belfries, past grazing cows. And in the evening in a small restaurant where a heart is carved on each shutter, and someone's old skis are nailed to the wall, order a duck with berries, a lot of good wine, as well as fondue or some other unimaginable cheese dish, for which directly your table will put a small stove-burzhujku with a frying pan inside. Price of tour: from 800 euros per week


• Where: Carinthia, Austria

Lakes in Carinthia are more than a thousand sincelarge and well-known - Werther-See, Ossiacher See and Weissen-See - and ending with more modest - Faaker-See, Klopainer-See, Pressegger and Langsee. The water in the lakes is clean and transparent and warms up to + 25-28 degrees in summer. And Carinthia itself is similar to the Moscow region: in the woods there is a smell of pine needles, birds sing, in the hills in the foothills of the Alps grow mushrooms, and in the meadows - daisies. The lakes go primarily because of their curative mild climate and the proximity of mineral springs. The most famous thermal spas are Bad Kleinkirkheim and Warmbad-Villach. But in addition to treatment in Carinthia, there is something to do. Ride on yachts, boats or water skiing, play tennis, croquet or mini-golf, explore stalactite caves in Bad Eisenkaple, walk on suspension bridges in the ancient gorge of Tsheppash-luht or walk around the surrounding towns. After all, in whatever part of Carinthia you live, there will necessarily be around some ancient churches and monasteries with old frescoes or a castle-fortress towering on top of a hill. The oldest Benedictine monastery of St. Paul in Lavantal is 900 years old. The impregnable fortress of Hohoster-Viz has belonged to an ancient Austrian family for many centuries. In the town of Spital there is the Portia Castle of the Renaissance. And in the village Treffen - a museum of dolls: fantastic homemade dolls with almost human faces can not be bought, they can only admire.

Price of tour: 800 -1000 euros per week


Where: Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

Yes, active rest as a means of healthya way of life can please and Russia. The resort town of Sochi is located on the same latitude as the famous resorts of the Franco-Italian Riviera: Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo. Here the most mild climate on the entire coast. Winter in Sochi does not happen - the golden autumn gradually replaces the early spring. There are canyons, caves, waterfalls and lakes. In the Mashat and Agur gorge you can swim in the icy water and enjoy the pure mountain air. Rafting lovers know the river Mzymta, which flows into the Black Sea near the city of Adler, better than others. "Mzymta" in the translation from Circassian means "mad." The river rushes from the mountain peaks with great speed, forming along the way several waterfalls. Along the coast grow beeches and chestnuts, and around the resort of Krasnaya Polyana - wild gardens. There are several options for Mzymta alloy. The simplest begins at the Cold Creek and ends at the so-called Goose Beach. The eight-kilometer route does not require special training and is suitable even for beginners. There are more complicated options - from the same Cold Creek to the dam of the HPP. At this point the river becomes impassable for rafting participants, so those who have decided to continue their journey will have to make a small detour on land. But then the most interesting part of the journey begins: both the raft and the rafters descend into the river with the help of ropes from a 50-meter height. And further the way lies through the gorge of Ah-Tsu: sheer cliffs here reach a height of 100 meters, rapids, barrels, plums ... This route takes two whole days. On the river there is a trout farm - the only place in Russia where trout fry are grown. Here is a unique tribal herd-all known in the world kinds of rainbow trout.

Price of tour: 6000 rubles a week


Where: Mountain Altai, Russia

Followers of the Slavic mystical schoolsargue that such a number of energy centers, as in Russia, there is nowhere else in the world. Only in Altai there are dozens of places where people who want to achieve success in business go regularly, stand "on the path of a warrior" or simply relieve stress. For a small fee, you can buy a special week tour, whose goal is personal growth and spiritual improvement (individual reprogramming for success is carried out for a fee), and for $ 1000 - to pass a short training course shamanic techniques. The main point of attraction in the Altai is Belukha Mountain (Kadyn-Bazhy), 4506 m above sea level. It is the highest mountain in Siberia, a point equidistant from the four oceans. In the Buddhists, the Belukha mountain is as sacred as Mount Kailash in Tibet, from its summit opens a connection with the cosmos, and somewhere here is the entrance to another world - Shambhala. Usually the group gathers in Barnaul, where the travelers travel to the Charysh River along the Zmeinogorsky tract. Next - an excursion to the ancient megalithic observatory. Observatory is a specially arranged stele with carved on them drawings. Scientists say that it is the remains of the sanctuary, which is no less than 7 thousand years old. Then upward, to the alpine meadows and the lake of the Mountain Spirits. On its shore a camp is broken up, where during the following days classes are held on the declared program, and in breaks, hikes to nearby glaciers, lakes and mountain peaks are organized. The next parking is at the confluence of the rivers Kargon and Belogolos Kargon. This place is so remote that tourists visit it rarely, so the nature here is preserved in pristine beauty. There are a lot of fish in the rivers, you can easily find bear tracks in the forest. There are even too many colors around - this is not a dull middle band. The sky is low, the air is crystal. Flowers and grasses in the growth of the horseman, glades of snow-white cotton grass, springs ... Near mountains - red, on - red, further away - purple, with icy hats.

Price of tour: from 150 $ per week

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