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Ideal interior for a one-room apartment

Layout of the room.
The structure of space is open and closed. Closed separation, when the apartment is divided into isolated rooms, and open space will be a common room divided into functional areas. According to psychologists, the open space helps to relax, and the closed one on the contrary relax and calm down. Life in a single, vast space for the human psyche is uncomfortable. For his spiritual well-being, you need to have several zones for different occupations. This can be achieved with different arches, types of lighting, barriers between zones, this can be a screen or bar counter, a different texture of the floor.

If you want to expand the space of a small 1 room apartment visually, here you can help such tricks as:
- Mirrors are mirrored cabinets, doors with glass.

- Bright hues. But be aware that when a large amount of white color, it depresses and a small one apartment should be warm and bright.

- Wallpaper with a vertical pattern will help visually increase the height of the ceiling.

- Lighting should be scattered, diffused or reflected light, lamps on the walls, should be directed rays up. Then the ceiling, which will be brightly lit, will seem higher.

- Large illumination of the walls, when they are finished, materials with reflective properties should be applied.

- On one of the walls of the room along a flat linePlace the fixtures. This will visually expand the room and will be a good solution for long, narrow corridors. If the fixtures are located in the middle of the ceiling, this will narrow the space. Conversely, longitudinal lighting can draw a short space.

We will correct the room.
Texture and color of interior elements, directionLight flows and placement of lamps will allow you to correct by means of visual illusions space. Thus, you can create a visual, desired effect to lower or enhance, expand, narrow, deepen.

There are basic rules for this:
- Horizontal stripes, as if increasing the room, but visually reducing the height of the room. Vertical bands make the visually higher.

- Large picture reduces the room, and small - increases.

- The height of the ceiling can be reduced if it is painted in a darker color than the painted walls.

- The room will seem more if there is a small pattern on the floor on the floor, a small tile.

- You can create a large height if you paint the floor in a saturated color, if you use a varnished surface, using the lower illumination of the room.

- Verticals in the decor can visually increase the height of the room. Such verticals can be vertically stretched pictures that are hung on top of each other, stripes on wallpaper, lamps.

- On a dark background, white objects visually expand and lengthen the space.

How to choose a color?
The meaning of color in decoration is difficultTo overestimate. You need to know, in order to achieve the desired effect, you need to highlight a single color zone or add color effects. If the apartment is dominated by one color, it will act negatively. If the apartment has a red color, prolonged exposure to a person can lead to a decrease in working capacity and lead to fatigue. Yellow color can increase activity, but in large quantities it causes anxiety.

Purple does not need to cover largeSpace, it promotes a sense of oppression, slows down and weakens all life processes. The blue color calms, the pulse and breath are regulated, there is a desire to meditate and contemplate.

For the human psyche the best comfortableThe solution is as follows: natural, light colors. For example, beige, light wallpaper, brown carpet on the floor will work well, and lamps, paintings and flowering plants are bright accessories. The lighter the main color in the rooms, the more it will appear.

Interior of Feng Shui.
The followers of Feng Shui say that the proper arrangement of their home, it works well for the psyche of people, for events in their lives, for personal and business success.

Remember that you can not overflow an apartmentMassive furniture. According to Feng Shui along the walls it is better to arrange sofas, chests of drawers and cabinets. Near the furniture, under them you need to leave space, furniture is preferred on the legs. All appliances and all furniture should be used, from items that are not needed, you need to get rid of.

Things that symbolize illness,Remind about destruction and about death should not be in an apartment. And such things, which evoke pleasant memories, are welcome. Painted flowers, however, like living ones, still lifes, bring prosperity to the house and increase welfare.

Feng Shui pays special attention to color.
White can not be used in bedrooms, it killsIntimate life. For the bedroom, the green is ideal. Gray color is not suitable for humans. Orange color is suitable for home, relieves of fear of darkness, from a sense of fear. Purple to enhance wealth. Peach and pink colors enhance conjugal feelings. Lemon color is better to choose for finishing the cabinet or room for the child.

A lot of advice and very easy in all theseCouncils get confused. You can try to create the perfect interior for 1 room apartment, but when creating the perfect interior it turns out that everything in the house contradicts Feng Shui. You do not need to panic, you can start unobtrusive changes and see what happens. And on an interesting path will be your guides art, fashion and science. As the English say, "My house, my fortress."

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