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Quality system of electric meat grinder

Than in your diet meat dishes are not uncommon,Then the traditional meat grinder is preferable: its mechanism is simple and durable, it is designed to work with large volumes of raw materials. But the compact "station wagon" is indispensable in the event that you cook a little and do not want to keep several different appliances in the kitchen. After all, universal units also include the functions of vegetable cutters, citrus press, juicers and millers and are equipped with a whole set of necessary accessories.

Aggregate for meat eaters

For the processing of steamed meat or fish in small quantities, any quality meat grinder is suitable, especially since the operating principle for different models is the same.

There is a choice, but how to find a fail-safe unit,Which "tough" tough, wiry meat, or how to find a system of indicators of the quality of electric meat grinder? First of all, compare the power and performance of the models you like. The capacity of the electric meat grinder depends not only on the speed of its operation, but also on the ability to process small cartilages, veins, and films (this is necessary if the meat is not of the best quality).

The electric meat mincer has two indicatorsPower: nominal and maximum. In normal mode, the device works with a nominal power of 240-800 watts for different models, and the maximum - from 1000 to 2000 watts, it gives out only for a short time when it operates with a blocked motor.

Different in power
The models of electric meat grinder differProductivity: most units produce 1.3-1.5 kilograms of minced meat per minute. If you prepare forcemeat immediately for several days, pay attention to more productive units. For comparison: the novelty Kenwood MG-700 in the all-metal case has an indicator of 3 kg / min with a maximum power of 2000 watts.

The capabilities of the device depend on the availability of the right accessories. Let's call the complete set of "meat" nozzles for the electric meat grinder.

Lattices with perforation for stuffing of variousConsistency. A disc with holes about 8 mm in diameter creates a rough ground meat, for example, for chopped cutlets; With the help of 4.5 mm holes, mincemeat is obtained for meatballs, sauces and pie fillings; A disk with small 3 mm holes is needed for pate ground meat, meat bread and processing of offal.

The homemade sausage nozzle allows you to cook meat sausages, sausages or sausages using a natural sheath that stretches to the tip of the nozzle and is stuffed with minced meat.

Nozzle "kebbe"
Useful for making stuffed sausages "kebbe" from mutton.

To ensure that the stuffing is always homogeneous and airy, the electric meat grinder must be equipped with a quality stainless steel knife. Knives are cast, self-sharpening - more reliable than conventional stamped ones.

Universal devices

Multifunction electric meat grinder - a way toWork at least "for two." In the sense that such units are equipped with nozzles-vegetable cutters and / or graters in addition to perforated gratings for minced meat. Some models are also equipped with nozzles-juicers, choppers. Noteworthy are the new universal models Zelmer, Moulinex, Tefal and others.

They are about the same as the traditionalMeat mincers. According to the main technical indicators, "universals" may be slightly inferior, but significantly exceed the traditional units in terms of the variety of functions offered.

For example, if you grate vegetables for soup-mashed potatoesAnd a regular meat grinder, then cut them with smooth brusochkami, circles or figured straws under the force of only a device with a nozzle-vegetable. Special graters easily cope with potatoes, carrots and hard cheese. Melnyka is useful to grind coffee and spices. Powerful meat grinders quickly grind rough raw materials - cereals, seeds, nuts. Rare models have an accessory, which allows to work even with the test, - a biscuit nozzle.

Modern universal devices are designedSo that there are no difficulties with the installation and change of attachments does not arise. Insert a plastic juicer for fruit and berries into the nest of the meat grinder unit, you can with one movement of the hand - and the ready-made juice will flow directly into the glass. It is easy to transform the electric meat grinder into a citrus press: for example, the Zelmer 986 series novelty is enough to put on the back wall and install the appropriate nozzle in the socket to get freshly squeezed juice from oranges and grapefruits.

It is important to note
, That the possibilities of modern electric meat grinders bring these devices closer to food processors.

As a rule, most harvesters also know howTo process meat in a working bowl, but they do it with the help of a cutter grinder (a knife-impeller), while mincemeat turns out puree. Kitchen combines with a conventional screw auger-grinder is available from Rolsen, Bosch, Philips, Moulinex. And it will last a long time if:

Cooking meat for processing. Remove veins and films, cartilage and small bones, cut the meat into pieces. Pre-thaw the meat. With a soft raw material for minced meat mincer handles easily, works without overload. Use the pusher to feed raw materials. In no case should foreign objects be used: knives, handles forks, forks - they can break the mechanism. During the work arrange the unit "respite." The electric meat grinder can not work continuously for longer than a quarter of an hour, and at maximum power, it takes more than a minute. Rinse the parts manually. To the parts of the mechanism are not blackened and rusted, they must be thoroughly washed and dried.

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