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Practical advice on home economics for women

A good hostess should be able and able to keeporder the house, and prepare a dinner (and it may not always be familiar, you still have to surprise sometimes), put in order clothes and shoes and many other things so necessary for comfort. Of course, not everyone can afford to have a family dinner in the restaurant daily or hire a maid, so women have to go to various tricks and remember mom's recipes and advice on home economics, how to quickly and qualitatively cope with homework, while maintaining a good mood. And the woman tries not to miss any advice that she can hear, and use it if necessary. Below are some practical tips on home economics for women.

The main thing is, of course, in the house - cleanliness. Today, there are hundreds of different chemical detergents that can make cleaning easier. But this is not always a relief. Maybe someone from the house has an allergy. Then forgotten hygiene products used by our grandmothers will come to the rescue. Instead of cleaning powder, you can use soda and ordinary household soap, as a remedy for dirt and grease, and a mixture of vinegar and water is an excellent disinfectant solution. If you constantly monitor the order, then these simple devices quickly and easily rid the house of dirt.

But there are places in the house where the dirtappears regardless of the frequency of their harvesting. This bathroom and toilet. If the mold appeared in the bathroom, you can get rid of it with the help of an aqueous solution of borax: mix water and borax in equal parts, pour into a bottle with a spray and moisten surfaces covered with mold. To prevent the appearance of mold fungus, prepare a cleaning paste: in a glass filled with half a cup of drinking soda, pour in liquid soap until the mixture reaches the consistency of thick sour cream. The only drawback of such a paste is that you need to use it all at once, as it is not stored. For toilets, a good disinfectant is the same vinegar. Mixing with water 1: 1, spray from the spray on a dirty surface, brush and rinse with water - there is no smell, and clean. Limestone plaque in the toilet should be sprinkled with borax powder and left overnight, brushed in the morning. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

When washing dishes, too, somecunning. If you burn something in a frying pan and do not wash it off at all, do not suffer: just put the hot frying pan in cold water for 20 minutes, and everything will be washed easily. Similarly, it is worthwhile to act if any milk (milk, semolina or rice porridge) is burnt. But the silver, porcelain and crystal products are a special pride for women, and they want so that they gladden their eyes with their brilliance. Devices made from silver and cupronickel should be washed in cold water with a small amount of ammonia and then wiped dry with a linen towel. Crystal glassware for shine needs to be rubbed with alcohol and dried with a dry soft cloth. But for porcelain and faience it is better to use warm water followed by thorough polishing.

Next, we clean the furniture. For varnished and polished furniture, boil one glass of beer with a piece of wax. A lukewarm mass should be applied to the furniture and allowed to dry, and then it is good to wipe with a woolen flap. You can also clean it with a rag soaked in milk and wipe it dry. Dermatine and leather furniture is wiped with a damp napkin, after which we apply a lightly beaten egg white. And in order to remove the stain, this method is suitable: rub the gruel from a mixture of starch and gasoline (1: 1), after drying, clean.

In the kitchen when cooking, too, will needpractical advice. For example, you decided to make chops, but the meat was tough and dry. Do not worry, cut the fillets across the fibers, brush each piece with mayonnaise, pepper and seasonings and set aside for an hour and a half. Then, having heated the frying pan, fry on one side, turn over and salt. Meat, so that it is not dry, it is necessary to salt only after roasting. The same advice is suitable for the liver. To the liver is not bitter and juicy, remove the thin film, cut and fry and only then the salt. If you want a chicken cooked in the oven, you do not need to heat the oven, put the chicken at once, so much less juice will come out of it.

Particular attention should be ironing men's trousers. To the arrows on the trousers held for a long time, they need to be soaked in water with vinegar (1: 1) and dry with an iron. But in order to straighten untied tie, do not iron it, better wrap it around the jar with hot water.

So any simple practical advice on home economics for women helps to cope with the hard burden of domestic hassle, and leave more time for personal care and communication with the family.

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