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Where is the most inexpensive vacation abroad


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One month before the holiday
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There are many small tricks that will helpYou, without changing the quality of rest, affect the amount of money spent. The first thing you need to decide on is where it's cheaper to have a rest abroad and decide when you will do it. If you set the task to rest at the cheapest rate, you will not have to go far - maximum on a country cottage. But after planning a trip to the sea or even more abroad, you will have to spend more. The time of the trip also depends on its cost. If you go off-season, you can save a lot, but if you are tied to certain dates (for example, to your vacation or to a child's vacation), be prepared to pay more. If you do not contact the travel agency, and take the initiative to organize everything on your own, you will save up to 20-30% of the cost of the trip. However, in this case you will have to book tickets, a hotel and plan a cultural program. But along with this, independent travel will not only save you, but also spend your vacation in the way you want.

Where to rest cheap abroad

Time has gone!

A few months before leaving for abroadYou will have to start saving part of the salary to save for the trip. But first you need to find out where the most inexpensive vacation abroad. Alternatively, you can open a term deposit in the bank. Start to follow the exchange rate now, then to buy currency for a trip on a good course.

Buy vacation packages and book allearly. Many agencies offer discounts on tours prior to the season. Flights to Europe will be cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday early in the morning or late in the evening. If you book them, at least a month, you will significantly save. But sometimes you can buy cheap tickets and shortly before the flight - if there are unsold seats (this is not relevant for low cost).

In the case when excursions to rest make upA significant part of your program, it is more profitable for you to purchase a travel pass in a travel agency, which, in fact, is a pass for exhibitions and museums in the city.

One month before the holiday

Where to rest abroad cheaply

Cheap vacation abroad is possible, the main thing is to prepare for it. Prepare all the necessary documents for the trip. Open a card account in the bank before you go abroad.

Learn in advance what you need to take with you to avoid unnecessary spending on forced purchases. Ask prices to better understand how much you will need.

Write a detailed list of expenses and use it to make the budget of your trip. Mandatory items: travel, accommodation, meals, excursions (entertainment), mobile communications, souvenirs.

A week before leaving for abroad. Do not delay buying the things you need for the trip at the end. Magazines, Panama, sun glasses and other necessary things are better to buy in advance. But some products, such as cosmetics and perfumes, can be purchased at duty-free shops.

Be sure to turn on roaming on your mobile phone, find out the tariffs and do not forget to recharge your account.

Articles of economy

Going to large European cities abroad, try to stay in a hotel outside the city - it's more economical, even taking into account the cost of transportation.

Look for the most favorable exchange rate. Points of exchange at airports, stations, hotels usually offer not the best conditions. Combine different methods of payment - cash and a payment card. Of course, bargaining sometimes out of place, but you can always ask about possible discounts. Visit the information support center for tourists, where you not only learn useful information, get a reasonably priced guide, but you can use the free Internet.

If you make a lot of purchases abroad,Be sure to ask you to write to you Tax Free checks, which allow you to receive a cash refund of VAT (10 to 20% of the purchase price) of goods purchased abroad. You can return them at the airport when you fly home.

Cheap holidays abroad 2016

Remember, There are things on which you can and need to saveAbroad: on food and drinks at the airport, calls from the hotel room, cheap souvenirs, paid photos. But there are articles of expenditure on which it is not worth saving, so do not skimp on a good hotel and comfortable room, at least one dinner in a restaurant, an interesting excursion.

What kind of payment should be preferred in travel andon a rest? There are several options: cash in currency and hryvnia, bank cards and traveler's checks. Advantages of the card in front of the cash are several: you do not need to carry a large amount of cash; When crossing the border, you do not need to declare the entire amount of money; You will save on exchange transactions if you pay with a card. It is more profitable to open a card account in the currency in which you have the basic income. It is important to remember that when calculating a card at retail outlets, the bank does not withdraw the commission, as, for example, when withdrawing money through an ATM. Therefore, use a card to pay for purchases, and not to withdraw cash. Your hryvnia account can always be replenished by your relatives from Ukraine, if necessary. Another tool for the safe transportation of money, as well as confirmation of financial solvency are traveler's checks, which can be purchased at the bank. As a method of payment, they lose considerably in convenience, and when you cash you will have to pay a commission. Of course, you need to have some money with you in cash.

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