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Ways to furnish the hallway of your apartment

So, the ways of furnishing the hallway of your apartment.

You can decorate everything in European style andAbandon the hallway altogether. Then, opening the door of the house, you will immediately enter the living room. However, in this case, you will need a small room in which you can put on your outer clothing, in other words, a cloakroom or cloakroom, whose functions can easily be done by a built-in wardrobe or even a closet.
In some apartments such an optionYou can apply, using a small room, which is usually stored rarely used things (skis, sleds, carpets). In this room you can arrange a locker for all unused things, and use the vacant space as a dressing room. It should be noted that the selection of a locker for a storage room should be treated with all care. The more compact it is, the more space you can take under the dressing room. Provide also drawers and mezzanines. The more boxes you make, the more compact will fit all your small "uselessness" in such a pantry.
If you manage to organize a similarDressing room in a separate room, then a lot of space will be released in the corridor of the hallway (you do not have to have jackets, raincoats, shoes, umbrellas here), and here you can arrange a full-length mirror. This will create the effect of a large room. At the same time, the space will be quite functional. But just to have a mirror opposite the front door is not worth it. Feng Shui is carried away by a few, but it will still be better if all the positive energy entering the house remains in it.
If your hallway is like a vestibuleBetween the rooms, then you can recommend the following method of furnishing: arrange the cabinets along the corners of this tambour. Ideally for this task, wardrobes-columns, section resembling a square. Where you place the cabinets, you need to remove the plinth. Place them can be along the column cabinets, which will create the effect, as if the cabinets - this is part of the wall. There will be an impression of the integrity of the composition.
But that is not all. Above the cabinets and under them, place the shelves for shoes and upper headgear. Fix the supports for them directly on the outside of the cabinets themselves. Between the cabinets-columns hang a mirror, and next place still hooks for clothes. So the whole room will be used very functionally. If this seems to you a little, then you can hang a few additional shelves near the cabinets.
Do not forget that bright walls and wallpaper visually make the room more spacious. It is not necessary to give the hall a cold appearance.
If you own an apartment with a long narrow corridor, then consider that you are very lucky. For such apartments, you can immediately offer two options for arranging the hallway.
The first variant of the hallway furnishing impliesThe location behind the entrance door is a narrow pedestal for shoes. These are special shoe cabinets, in which the shoes are placed in pockets, which are pulled out with the door, reclining on the incoming person. For winter boots there are special sections from below. Also in such lockers can be provided lockers for small items. It is worth additionally to note that over the cabinet itself, you can hang hooks for clothes, and on top to adjust the mezzanine. Thus, you will occupy space only behind the front door.
The second variant of registration of an entrance hall consists inUsing a shoe cabinet described in the first method, but updated to the rack. The depth of the rack can be only twenty centimeters. It is installed on the wall itself like a frame for installing drywall. That is, it will be mounted on uneven bars, mounted on the wall from floor to ceiling.
The construction must be finished with fiberboard or MDF (thisThin, but reliable material) and fasten the doors of thick plywood. Experts recommend that the plywood be covered with varnish and polish. All holes must be drilled in advance. As a result, in such a locker you can broadcast clothes, perhaps, add some household things and, of course, trivia. Everything will depend on what and how many lockers you can fit here.
Once again I would like to recall the use ofMirrors, reflective surfaces and light wallpaper to create a visually spacious room. Given all this, you will be able to create a cozy, but at the same time a spacious hallway.
Good luck!

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