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Rest and treatment in the sanatorium of the Carpathians

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Rest was decided to combine with sanatorium treatment, and since the doctor recommended drinking Shayan mineral water, I went to Transcarpathia.

And here we enter the village of Shayany along the cobbled roadPaving road. By decree of the Austro-Hungarian government, it was paved 150 years ago. It is noteworthy that such roads were laid only to cities of county importance. What is the difference between a small village lost among the Carpathian mountains? It turns out that mineral water with unique properties was found here. Since that time the resort history of Shayan begins. Shayan water was traveling from Vienna itself, although at that time such famous resorts as Baden-Baden and Karlovy Vary were already glamorous.

Already in Soviet times, the mineral water "Shayanskaya"Began to be bottled and transported around the country, a sanatorium was also built to treat gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disorders.

Alas, the resort's possibilities remained undisclosed. After the retirement of a man who spent almost half a century in the chief doctor's chair, two boxes with ultrasound devices were found behind his office. They stayed unopened! It is clear that there was no development of sanatorium history of the region with this state of affairs!

Revival of Shayan

Revival of the Shayan Balneological ResortBegan very recently, but very intensively: over the past decade, houses have not grown up in the village - the palaces (!) Of representatives of the Ukrainian establishment, which, as always, quickly orientated in assessing the wealth and purity of this region. But to come to rest and recover here is quite affordable for everyone who understands the value of such a holiday for health. One of the best in the Shayansky resort today is rightly considered to be the sanatorium "Karpaty" with a modern medical and health center, in which the team of the best specialists works. "Carpathians" is not like a usual sanatorium. Sensations, rather, as in a luxurious, well-furnished villa. With the only difference is that here your main concern is to attend medical procedures and relax for your own pleasure. Motorbikes and mountain bikes, billiards, tennis, a playground and a fairy-tale house for kids, an outdoor pool and a lake in which you can not only go fishing (even a white cupid!), But also ride a catamaran. And lovers of the sauna are waiting for a heated Russian bathhouse on firewood, and immediately next to the contrast - a stony mountain stream!

Enchanted Valley

The very first sensory perception of this placeFor rest and treatment in the sanatorium of the Carpathians - an irresistible desire to lie down under the nearest century-old spire and, dropping all the conventions, to sleep for an hour or two. This is how the oxygen cocktail works for everyone who is used to sitting around for days behind monitors in stuffy offices and at business meetings. The air is filled with the aroma of beech forest, a fluffy carpet covering the picturesque mountains. Here there is no bad weather: the valley where the resort is located, like a bowl, is sheltered from all sides except the east, by mountains that the local affectionately call Shayan, Shayanikh and Shayanenok. It is this natural location that creates its own unique microclimate with soft and windless weather. In a couple of days metamorphosis will begin to take place with you: problems and worries stop analyzing you "in pieces," and thoughts will flow smoothly and measuredly. For the "Carpathia" was fixed the glory of the place where people who "burned at work" go. Here for a week or two you can recover literally from the ashes. You feel like a battery: first completely discharged, cleared of accumulated debris, mental and physical, and only then begins the energy recharging. The territory of the sanatorium in 7 hectares allows even in high season not to lose the feeling that you are "one on one" with nature, and around only the sky, mountains, forest and swift waters of the mountain stream of Kilburn.

GIT you will say thank you!

As for physical purification, thenyou will feel the changes quite quickly. Sluggish intestines, excess weight, metabolic disorders - our payment for a way of life, which we have chosen for ourselves. And to cope with the metabolic crisis will not help any pills. But the mineral water "Shayanskaya" does this without much effort. It is necessary only to consult a doctor and regularly drink water. By the way, in the "Carpathia" is installed a modern electronic pump room (in Ukraine there are only five), which avoids contact with air. Water does not oxidize, is heated up to an individually necessary temperature and retains its medicinal qualities.

Carbonic bicarbonate-sodium mineralwater "Shayanskaya No. 4" and "Shayanskaya No. 242" are similar in composition to such famous mineral waters as "Borjomi", "Essentuki" and "Vichy-Celeston" (France), but refers to the Dilijan type of mineral waters (Armenia) because of the presence of metasilicic acid in its composition. Moreover, metasilicic acid is present in the "Shayanskaya" in colloid form, which enhances its medicinal properties. The main principle of action is to neutralize the increased acidity of the stomach, which contributes to the normalization of the gallbladder and pancreas. Therefore, "Shayanskaya" not only saturates the body with valuable minerals, but also helps to free itself from toxins and sand in the kidneys.

Treatment in pleasure!

A special kind of symbiosis of treatment and pleasure ismineral baths. First, they complement the basic treatment due to its properties to relax, improve metabolic processes, restore the exhausted forces of the body. Secondly, and this is important, your self-esteem sharply rises. When was the last time you turned off the controlling function of the brain and allowed the body to follow its true needs? Mineral, coniferous, pearl, wine, milk bath (choose what you like!) Will help to return what you yourself owe.

Speleotherapy (another therapeutic area,which is adequately represented in the sanatorium) effectively fights with allergic diseases of the respiratory tract: rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma. In the department of rest and treatment in the sanatorium of the Carpathians there is a unique salt chamber, an analog of the well-known salt mines of the All-Ukrainian allergological clinic in Solotvyno. After the course of treatment, there is a long-term remission, which allows allergy sufferers to dispense with inhalers and vasoconstrictive drops, while often aching babies the number of colds is sharply reduced.

Complete victory over stress

Muscles in the answer for a backbone, and a backbone -this is the core of life: we remain young only as long as it is flexible. That's why it is necessary to undergo at least two courses of massage a year (doctors recommend doing them on a change of seasons: in the fall and in the spring). Massage removes clamps, blocks in muscles, develops salt deposits formed by a sedentary lifestyle and the standard set of movements (or "seats") that we perform day in and day out, eliminates stagnant phenomena. For example, massage of the neck and collar zone in the hands of a specialist (and in "Carpathia" excellent masseurs) is indicated for headache, meteorology, help with insomnia and even with a chronic cold. By the way, in the anti-stress massage, the focus is also on the cervical collar zone, where most of the blocks that affect our physical and mental health accumulate. The top of the relaxation is considered to be stone massage - oil massage with hot volcanic stones. 90 minutes of continuous enjoyment will complete the final and complete victory over stress.

About rest in this wonderful place it is possiblebut there is only one "talking" detail: my 6-year-old daughter, saying goodbye to the sanatorium, kissed and hugged the trees growing near our cottage, and, looking into my eyes, asked: "Will we come here again ?!" I promised. And I will do my best not to deceive her trust.

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