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Perfect the order in the apartment

Is it right or not, to establish an ideal order in an apartment without the knowledge of its owner?

To part or not?

In order not to be an unfounded bore, you can start withfrontal attack and tell two stories that were in fact. So, one young man named S. and pretty L. passionately fell in love with each other. S. with aspiration told his friends, with what a wonderful girl in all respects he met. L. in turn convinced S. that she had found the man of her dreams in his person. About how serious everything was, one can judge from the fact that S. brought his love to the holy of holies - the dwelling of a bachelor.

It should be noted that the situation in S. was minimalistic. In the room of S., for example, there were 2 tables - a worker with the necessary documents, the second - a table for different necessary things. It was utilitarian, and in addition the dwelling seemed spacious, so S. was pleased. However, since the LA toothbrush appeared in the bathroom, everything began to change. It turned out that in his house for a long time idle was an excellent wardrobe and dusted no less remarkable mezzanine. Only L. believed that they were inundated with trash nobody wanted, and S. believed that this is not so.

Like every wise girl L. did not go into polemics. In the absence of S., she visited the nearest garbage can, and then silently vacated the shelves, thereby trying to establish an ideal order in the apartment. And after six months, S. climbed on the mezzanine and saw there an ideal order.

On the same day, L. and S. the first real quarrel happened. L. was sincerely indignant. S. did not appreciate her efforts in bringing cleanliness. Instead, he shouted that now he could not find anything in the apartment, and for a whole week sighed later because of the discarded "garbage" - a collection of children's badges.

About a year later L. and S. broke up. It happened after S. unsuccessfully wiped his hands - whether by a towel that was intended for guests, or simply decorative, which in general could not be touched, so as not to spoil the order in the apartment. L. discovered it with traces of strong man's handshakes. And not hanging, as it should, on a nice plastic hook, but almost crumpled. This was quite enough to activate, it seemed, not an active volcano. L. too long tolerated sloppy boyfriend, but then could not continue. All that was thought about him was expressed in S.'s address, and the same evening the toothbrush L. vanished from the glass in the bathroom.

But S., as it is not regrettable, did not appear with repentance, did not want to restore relations. Said that he did not want to feel at home, as in the army. And I absolutely do not want my beloved girl to behave like a friend of the senior sergeant, that he is ready to stick 3 outfits for the incorrectly placed slippers. When the house becomes much more important than a respectful attitude towards one's partner, the benefits of living together do not seem so obvious.

Disorder of form.

I believed the story with S. annoying exception, if not visited recently at a friend's house. In the absence of the spouse who was staying with my mother, we decided to mark a freshly bought macbook with him over a cup of tea. Then the cell phone rang: his wife called his friend. I noticed that after this conversation over the phone, he suddenly began to look around nervously at the apartment, as Professor Pleischner, who failed on Flower Street turnout. "You see, Katya is very angry that there is a mess in the apartment," he apologized, and then both of us looked around. However, my friend was worried, the order in the house was perfect, in my opinion.

The sweater, thrown over the back of the sofa, was hangingideally. Next to the floor were carefully laid socks, apparently fresh enough. The disks on the table are gathered in piles, and not strewn in handfuls, as it, in my opinion, and is in disarray. The documents for the new computer were right there, at hand, which means they did not have to be looked for in a pile of boxes. The dishes waited for their fate in the sink, nowhere - on the windowsill, or on the fridge, I noticed not a single dirty dish. From my friend, an ideal housewife was able to make an ideal order in the apartment, in which I hastened to assure him. And we with a clear conscience decided to continue the conversation about the merits of our purchase.

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