/ What do you need to take with you on vacation?

What do you need to take with you on vacation?

The day before the trip, gather the things thatTake on the road. We need things to be whole and washed. There should be no tattered socks and torn buttons. According to popular beliefs, you do not have to sew on the day you leave. Even if you think this is superstition, it's better not to take risks.

What to take with you on vacation

Do not take with you a set of detergents and cosmeticMeans. After all, in order to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the way, you need to have small capacity of shampoos and soap, which you can always buy in stores. After all the necessary cosmetics can be bought and on arrival. Of all the usual things you can take just what you would not be able to relax without. For example, you can not sleep without your nightdress or without your favorite pajamas, then necessarily fold it into a suitcase. Be sure to put toothpaste and a brush that you can already get used to. Before leaving, visit the beauty salon, do such procedures as pedicure and manicure, they will give you confidence. You can make a haircut or hairstyle, it does not hurt to make hair removal, if you are accustomed to it, all this will make you feel in good shape.

When we go on holiday, we face the problem of how to assemble a suitcase, so as not to stay on vacation, without the most necessary and that it would not be difficult to carry luggage

Here is a list of necessary things.
1. Swimsuit, suitable pareo, bag, hat.
2. Light dress or tunic, they are ideal for the beach.
3. A dress that is suitable for all occasions, and for a walk around the city, and for a banquet. This dress can be adjusted with accessories that can come either in the afternoon or in the evening.
4. Trousers. Now fashionable are trousers and strongly narrowed and wide, preferably from natural fabrics, so that the skin can breathe.
5. Shorts.
Here, just do not go too far with the number of tops, it will be enough to have a pair of three that you can wear with skirts, trousers, shorts.
6. Windbreak or cardigan from a cotton knitted fabric, it is necessary that they are combined in style and color, then you do not have to carry extra shoes that could be combined with them.
7. You can take with you fashionable ballet flats, flip flops. Open sandals on a hairpin or on a cork platform.

General advice.

Do not take a lot of clothes with you. It is better to dwell on universal clothing, which is suitable for all occasions.
Do not take white things, they will be difficult to wash.
Take the road set - scissors, needle and thread.

Before you leave the house, drink a cupStrong, hot tea, it can cheer you up, just before the journey begins. Do not try to drink alcohol, even in small quantities, it will scatter your attention and on the way can play a cruel joke. And as for the train or plane, you can simply not be allowed to go there. Once again, check to see if your weekend shoes or mineral, favorite makeup. But be sure to check on the spot whether your tickets, money, documents. It's better to check now, than to find out later that you have forgotten them, such a check will not be superfluous. Look at the roadside of your first-aid kit, it must contain antiseptics, hemostatic agents, adhesive plaster, preparations from intestinal disorders. After all, anything can happen on the road, so the necessary medicines should be at hand.

You learned what you need to take with you on vacation, andNow just before the trip, mentally go over the things that you took with you on the road, and think, without what things from the baggage you can do to make it easier. Good way to you and a good holiday!

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