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Useful eco devices for your favorite home

Count each drop

Ecocounter for water is a smallA device that can be attached to any faucet, shower or toilet bowl. With the help of special sensors and data output on a tiny display, the invention will allow to track how much water is used. Batteries do not need to be changed, since the "home Scrooge" works at the expense of the energy of the running water.

Control the everyday use of water at home and reduce unnecessary waste of this natural resource.

Himself a perpetual motion machine

What can be more pleasant than swaying in cozyand useful ekoustroystvakh for your favorite home: ekoklesle-rocking with soft flickering light table lamp! And combine at the same time pleasant with useful: a dynamo is built in the armchair, which converts the energy of rocking the chair into electricity for a lamp. You rest and do not think about what the power grid can fail.

Saving electricity plus natural relaxation.

Electricity is in the piggy bank!

Connected to a TV, computer or gamethe small eco-equipment in the form of a colorful piggy bank gives them a dose of electricity for exactly half an hour. As soon as the time has come - you need to throw a coin. The invention is made specifically for children, it helps parents dose their time.

The child gets a visual representation of the fact that the included TV eats electricity and money savings.

Get to the right condition

Many owners of air conditioners and usefuleco devices for your favorite home do not use them the way you would like, because the bills for electricity come a lot. Therefore, domestic manufacturers have developed a special eco-caps for the air conditioner. At night, while you are sleeping, this cunning device turns water into ice, in the afternoon the conditioner uses it to cool the temperature in the room. Simple and profitable!

Save up to 30% of electricity with ice!

Back to the Future

Want to stop eating some hot dogs, drinkfor 10 cups of coffee a day and lying on the couch for hours? Look at yourself in the future. For this, an eco-mirror was created, but not simple, but with a liquid crystal display, to which sensors and video cameras are connected. They record how often you consume alcohol, calculate the approaches to the refrigerator and the intensity of playing sports. True, with the amendment only for home conditions. Then the system processes the information and displays your portrait in five or ten years of a similar life. Hot dogs will not want to! Helps to keep myself in shape.

Sleep and be well!

Here is the most important question: what should you sleep on? Ecocasting, analyzing respiration and measuring the pulse, transfers this data to the built-in mini-computer. This is the so-called smart eco-house system: taking into account the indicators "from the bunk," other devices are set up to provide the most comfortable conditions for recreation. For example, change the air temperature, humidity and lighting.

Creation of the natural environment, the most comfortable in the home.

Tickets are ticking

Water eco-hours work thanks to water and powerseverity. It is necessary to pour in a special reservoir of purified aqua - and it will last for several months of the chronometer. No batteries, no quartz and no emissions! The device is equipped with the functions of an alarm clock, a thermometer and a timer. They act as soon as you rotate the watch at the right angle.

Use of the power of nature.

Trust the toilet bowl

The British company Twyford Bathrooms offerseco-initase, which makes analyzes. He even sends their results to the doctor on the Internet. This toilet is also capable of more: by means of the Network, it analyzes the products missing in the owner's diet and sends the order to the supermarket. The Japanese went further: invented a toilet that makes a pregnancy test.

Maximize health and make life easier without leaving the toilet.

Airborne assault

Fresh Air Cleanerprotector of the lungs. It is worthwhile to put this small device in the house, office or even in the car - and you will breathe much easier. The photocatalytic chamber decomposes all biologically active air pollutants (bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold and harmful chemical impurities, unpleasant odors) to neutral residues that do not pose any danger to the body. Further, the eco cleaner will saturate the air with light air ions useful for breathing (these are used to purify air at international space stations). Clean air is a guarantee of health.

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