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Correct arrangement of pictures on the wall

Naturally, we are not talking about some antiqueExhibits and masterpieces from auctions and exhibitions. You can get by inexpensive pictures of unknown artists or your own pictures, if you, of course, know how to draw. Before choosing a picture, think about the fact that it will always be in front of your eyes. Necessarily, first decide in which room the picture chosen by you will hang. If you are not sure which option suits you best, ask for help from a design professional.

Suppose you have made a purchase decisionCertain pictures, and here they are in your house. But all your diligence to diversify the interior can be reduced to zero, if you misconstrue the pictures on the wall. There are several recommendations for placing paintings that will help show the picture in all its splendor.

The most important rule - do not hang pictures very muchhigh. The optimal height is about one and a half meters from the floor level, so that its middle was approximately at eye level. In the living room should place the picture so that it was convenient to consider the person who will sit. There is one trick - try to hang a picture just below the level that was chosen by you.

If you decide to hang in the room a fewPaintings, the main thing is to group them together correctly. Do not hang pictures on all walls of the room - the unity of the composition will be destroyed. If the pictures have the same dimensions, then they can be hung horizontally one after another with an equal distance between them. Paintings with different sizes are better placed one above the other, but the main thing is not in order of decreasing or increasing the size. It will be appropriate to hang pictures on the width of the couch, above the table or a low chest of drawers. Next to high furniture it is better to place horizontal canvases. They will help to effectively support the situation of the room, create a single ensemble. Important is also the combination of paintings among themselves in style.

There is another way of grouping pictures,Which will also be effective in creating the right interior. This method involves placing in the center of a large picture and a few small ones around. Or you can hang small pictures in one row, and hang large ones to the right or to the left of them, at a distance of about 30 cm. If you decided to hang two pictures of different sizes horizontally, then the larger fabric should be placed a little higher, which makes it easier to view a smaller image.

To make pictures look more impressive, often theirAre highlighted. At the same time, it is not necessary to mount light sources over each picture, it is enough to provide good lighting throughout the room. If you still decide to highlight the canvas, point the lamp at the image and, moving it, find the point at which the light will evenly spill over the canvas without creating shadows and glare. That the colors of the picture are not distorted, and while it is well lit, you should use only halogen low-voltage lamps.

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