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Different methods and methods of ecology

XIX century
, When European dandies and fashionable women paintedTeeth yellowish solution to emphasize the actual at that time pallor, long behind! In order not to be old-fashioned, to the standard program for dental care - paste, brush and thread - it is necessary to add an irrigator. The pulsating jet of water emitted by the device clears even the nooks preferred by the bacteria, inaccessible with the usual cleaning of teeth. Irrigator is also called hydromassage for gums - they improve blood circulation. Different methods and methods of ecology will help to avoid a lot of mistakes.

But do not overdo it! It should be used two to three times a week - not more often, the daily application of the irrigator can increase the sensitivity of the gums.

In April during the spring on the shelves appearsInteresting greenery: it smells like garlic, looks like a lily of the valley, and is called a bear bow. This is a ramson - a resident of the forests, a storehouse of vitamins C and B9 (folic acid). Mistresses are very fond of adding bright green leaves to salads, soups and sauces. But the plant of the onion family is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, so its collection and sale are prohibited.

Do not support
Different merchants, and grow lemurIndependently thanks to various methods and methods of ecology: April is the time for planting its bulbs (they can be purchased from gardeners). An even area or a box on the windowsill, a shadow, a sufficient amount of moisture is all that the ramson needs for active growth.

Our legs just rejoice in the spring - the time of leavingFor women's beauty does not remain: light shoes and ankle boots, lack of ice and male attention. But this is by day. In the evening, ladies complain of puffiness, varying severity and pain in the legs. To be surprised: the legs had to work hard for the day! A person can trip around the Earth three times along the equator - this distance (about 120,000 km) he overcomes in his life. Women also want to make a repeated round-the-world trip with additional loads: on the heels and with a large bag on the shoulder, which increase the load on the joints at times.

If the ladies' legs react painfully toLong various promenades, and when you bend your knees you hear something like a crunch, it is better to choose comfortable ballet shoes or shoes with a low wide heel. The doctor will help to choose special insoles (insteps), which correctly distribute the load on the joints and muffle the impact during the contact of the heel with the ground.

If we compare the Earth
With the baby's head, then the fresh waterOnly a tear in his eyes due to various methods and methods of ecology. According to the scientists' forecasts, by the year 2050 they will practically run out, and more than 4 billion people will not be able to satisfy even the daily need for liquid. Reduce the time spent in the shower for at least one minute - this will save one person 11 -15 liters of water per day. As an option - to take an air shower: a special nozzle saturates the flow of water with air in a ratio of 3 to 1. Under volume and light drops to refresh is not less pleasant and more economical!

Limit use
Various disposable dishes and polyethylenePackages. Plastic and polyethylene do not decompose naturally in nature - the "island" is already floating in the Pacific, completely consisting of human waste. After eating all this garbage, 100,000 whales, seals, birds, turtles die every year. Do printouts on the printer on both sides of the paper, because for its production is cut wood, large amounts of energy and water are expended. Saved 25 packs of A4 sheets save one adulth tree from cutting down, and each page will save 10 liters of water for the future generations - this is what the production process requires. Optimal to choose paper made from recyclable materials - this is usually said on its packaging.

In the summer, rise
temperature of the air conditioner, and in winter, reduce it toheater at 1.5 ° C. Just think, but the atmosphere will be purer for half a ton of carbon dioxide a year! Use public transport more often. On the Earth travels over 750 million cars, polluting the air with exhaust gases. But every liter of gasoline you saved will save the atmosphere from 2.3 kg of CO2. A good reason to think about a car with a small engine or an auto-hybrid.

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