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Japanese curtains, panel blinds

The choice of modern light-protecting structures is great: Blinds, panel blinds, tinted film, hinged awnings. Protection from the sun should keep the shadow in the daytime, allow to penetrate the last rays of light in the evening, in the summer - to keep the room cool, and in the winter - to help keep the heat. And, finally, do not forget about the aesthetic side!

Such different panel blinds

Cool in a hot day will give good oldCurtains, but are especially good for their panel options. A variety of fabrics of Japanese curtains, panel blinds, allows you to adjust the intensity of lighting or completely obscure the sunny side.

- concise and refined, like all the eastern. Outwardly they are simple: absolutely flat panels are connected at the top and bottom. They are usually made of light natural and synthetic materials. The window that will decorate the Japanese curtains should be large, otherwise the curtains will weight the interior. Management of the Japanese curtain can be manual (special) or mechanical (electric drive).

They are cloths of dense fabric,Which by means of special mechanisms are collected by horizontal folds in an accordion thanks to rigid rods reinforced from the inside. The lifting system of curtains consists of a cornice and a special cord, pulling which you can lift the "veil" to the desired level.

Less strict externally than Roman ones. The absence of horizontal rods gives their bottom edge rounded forms - buffers. The number of lifting cords determines the number of buffers at the edge of the curtain.

Curtains rise up due toCurtains on the cords, put into vertical cushers, and are separate sections of semicircular folds of fabric. These curtains are made of light material, they are usually raised only half, effectively draping.

(Roller blinds, blinds), curtains allow fullIsolate the room from sunlight. This is a single canvas (usually of dense fabric) the size of a window opening that rises, winding into a roll on a special shaft, and lowered using a control mechanism. The most affordable option - roller blinds, equipped with a chain cord. They are raised and lowered by hand. Some models are equipped with a spring holder or an automatic drive with a control panel. These curtains are especially good in places where the use of conventional.

Perhaps in your apartment (a country house)Some special interior or you are the enemy of any blinds, and French and Japanese, for example, curtains you seem too pretentious, then you can try such an original solution to the problem of "superfluous sun":

Ironically and cute
- a red canopy-cap from the sun, a bit like a summer shop greengrocer, looks pretty in a small kitchen, both in a city apartment and in a country house.

From the eastern tent - a light curtain of bright beads not only explores the original space, but also reduces the intensity of illumination.

A wide cornice and lambrequin will provide your room with reliable protection from the oblique rays of the sun. This option is very good, especially for a room whose windows face east or west.

Flip on the way

Take shelter from direct sunlight and helpjalousie. They allow you to redirect the sun's rays - light penetrates into the room, but falls not on the screen of the computer or the face of its occupant, for example, on the ceiling. As a kind of window "decoration" blinds used to be the prerogative of the office interior, but today they are widely used for home. The reason - the emergence of a variety of materials for their manufacture, which allow you to create a different atmosphere in the house.

Blinds made of leather are ideal for decoration of living rooms, made in a minimalist style.

Blinds made of aluminum perfectly protect against sunlight and curious looks. To aluminum lamellas do not overheat, they are covered with heat-resistant white enamel.

The only drawback
Aluminum shutters in the fact that when the window is half open they thunder in the draft.

Blinds with wooden lamellas look chic,Thanks to the natural pattern of the tree, mainly on the blinds is a Canadian linden or cork tree. They are expensive, but excellently protect from light, hygienic and durable.

Practical Germans thought of putting blinds notInside, and outside, and created "rafts" - external blinds. Rafters are similar to internal blinds, but are more functional and ergonomic. They consist of wide plates that can be exposed at different angles. Easily mounted and easy to operate. Can be decorated in the tone of the facade or stand out against its background with its brightness.

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