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Sauna, bath, massage in Moscow

Look around you. Shops and shops, cafes and zabegalovochki ... And now you are sitting again - but with a friend, and drink coffee. Or measure blouses, look at panties and socks. But it is possible for the price of half of the panties in the same bath or sauna for several hours to disconnect from the harsh reality, in the pool or during a massage forget about life and cares and get a lot of fun you can not only in Moscow! Do not believe me - go to the pool or to the bath. Sauna, bath, massage in Moscow, other large cities - they all perfectly suit office workers for "lazy" physical education.
Swimming pool and more ...
Even the most unprepared, from the school benchForgetting the terrible word "physical culture", can from the very first day get as comfortable as possible into the "healthy lifestyle". For this purpose, water procedures are best.

An hour or two of swimming gradually and gently strengthensMuscle and restore skin tone. And those muscle groups that are already straining every day (for example, those that hold the spine) under the action of water will relax ...

What is not fun for the body, especially since it isSwimming and various exercises in the pool are useful even to those who are not recommended to engage in any kind of physical education. The only exceptions are obvious contraindications. The largest group of them are skin diseases.

Do not deny the opportunities that are provided byThis kind of institution. Forget the excuse that you first lose weight to look decent, and only then ... "Then" in most cases never comes. Therefore - today!
By the way, if you competently approach the solutionOf this issue, you will see that the pool is not only a great chance to remember swimming lessons, but also water procedures - hydro-guns, waterfalls, pools with mineral water ... All this can be found not only in Karlovy Vary far from us, and not for Crazy money. For example, if you are a mother on parental leave, or work on a rolling schedule, on weekdays and in the morning there are more than "budget" sessions. For example, a two-hour "social session" in the pool with sauna and sauna costs from 4-5 cu.
Some pools have their own characteristics in the form ofSudden turns even on season tickets long before the beginning of the month, but small obstacles should not be the reason for refusing pleasures. Yes, to the old lady of Europe, perhaps, our service is far away, but please yourself is definitely worth it, even if the last time you swam at the age of five.
Start with shallow water, try, and your bodyLiterally remember the old, almost forgotten skills. By the way, do not be afraid of "masters of sports in swimming." Typically, experienced trainers in the pools themselves "settle" the fast and slow "quicksands" along different paths.
Remember how nice to stick in the "star" positionOn the surface of the water? And now try different styles of swimming, even if you were not taught to them at all. Invent your ways to swim, fool or swim "heels forward."
Visiting the pool every week, within a month youNotice how the skills are restored. Swim a hundred meters with a mixed style and completely without caring about how it looks from the outside, you will feel not an athlete, but at least a child frolicking and enjoying the water element.

Sauna and sauna
Many pools practice this combination: The saunas or baths are next to the swimming paths. Swim in cool water and bask in the bathhouse, again swim out to the distance, warm up again ... Benefits for the body - first of all!
And if you prefer to steam with a broom orBask in the sauna, but do not like the pool - pay attention to the public paired and "suites" in FLCs. If you have a company of friends or at least friends, the cost of "individual gatherings" in the bath, divided into 4-6 people, will be acceptable. Sit in towels with friends, taking a thermos with you and sipping fragrant herbal tea, applying masochki to a steamed face or using a body scrub is the greatest pleasure. The ancient Romans and Greek women knew the meaning in it!
Sincere conversations help to get rid of worries. And just the relaxed silence of girlfriends lying on plastic sun loungers is capable of letting a woman disconnect from everyday affairs and, at last, think about something pleasant.

Massage can be different - in the spa and at home, withHot oil and, sorry, "chicken" - manual. Some people who are especially aware of the "massage art" claim that massage is a physical exercise for lazy people.
Allow me to disagree. If during gymnastics or aerobics, karate or shaping we ourselves are forced to strain and relax the muscles, "chasing blood", then in the massage, it seems, our soul relaxes. Lie down and "take my heart" - the pleasure is not cheap, so I'll get the courage and propose to move it ... home.
In general, massage can do everything, but not everyoneWants to show his skill. Strong men's hands and some erotic process - that's what allows home pleasure for the effect of almost not inferior to the most professional - medical massage. A convenient time and place for massage (which is especially important in Moscow and other large cities), in contrast to the sauna and the bathhouse - at home, in a cozy, intimate atmosphere. This, as well as the opportunity to fall asleep right after the massage - make such an occupation very pleasant. Try to wake up in your man an erotic faun, so that he often spoils you with a massage of the back and feet. And if he is able to master some special massage technique - convince him that he, as a special agent, owns a certain top-secret method. And believe me, he will want to show his skills more than once.
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