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The most beautiful curtains of this season

How to transform the whole room at the expense ofSelected curtains, do not make a mistake in the choice of style and style, we will tell in our article "The most beautiful curtains of this season." The choice of fabrics is quite diverse. For everything to be perfect, you need to take into account the latest trends and practical aspects.

Still some eight years ago fashionable were consideredCurtains, which were sewn from shiny and dense fabrics, they are now obsolete. Now fashionable are bright colors and natural materials, and from materials - silk, linen or cotton. Once popular tulle was changed to other fabrics, such as: mesh and organza.

A huge selection of modern fabrics. When choosing a fabric for curtains, you need to take into account what kind of illumination the room has. If the windows face south or west, then multi-layered curtains or thick fabrics are suitable. But for dark rooms, translucent and light fabrics are suitable.

If a small room, then for her fabricsWith a small pattern. Such fabrics will be well combined with light and wooden furniture. Now stripy fabrics are fashionable, but you need to know that a horizontal strip can expand a window, and a vertical strip draws a window, and how it visually lengthens.

For large rooms is especially good on fabricsLarge figure. Before you buy a fabric, you need to ask a consultant to pick you a drawing so that the two canvases start with the same pattern. You need to be careful when choosing a bright color, since it can just irritate many people. But the house, this is the place where you just want to relax and relax.

In the living room with a classic style will be goodLook curtains of good and good-quality fabric. The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the interior. A great addition will be different lambrequins, draperies, picks.

In the bedroom it will be nice to hang a translucentOr transparent curtains, they need to be supplemented with curtains made of dense fabric that can protect the room from bright and sunlight. Curtains can be decorated with fringe, flounces, braid and beautifully drape them.

In the children's room it is better to hang curtains with a thematic or graphic pattern from natural fabrics.

In the kitchen, the windows need to be decorated with lightweight fabrics,Which let in enough air or light. You can use short, small curtains. Often for the kitchen, you can hang curtains with a floral, beautiful pattern, with some geometric ornament or strip. It is necessary to give preference to a material that is well cleaned and resistant to steam.

You need to know a few rules to differently perceive the window:

  • We will make a wider window if the curtains go beyond your window.
  • For small windows, a good solution will be transparent curtains that can visually enlarge the window.
  • A wide window can be made smaller if you only hang curtains within the frame.
  • If the windows of different shapes and sizes are all accessible by appropriate curtain design, give the same appearance.
  • Increase the height of the window can be visually, if you hang over it ruches.

How can I calculate how much tissue is needed for the curtains?

Window decoration in most cases, basedOn the use of fabric cloths, curtains themselves are easy to manufacture. First, we calculate how much tissue is needed. If we make curtains short, then we measure the height of the curtains from the eaves to the window sill minus one centimeter. And if we do curtains, standard length, then measure from the cornice to the floor, minus 1.5 or 2 centimeters.

Adding allowances to bend the bottom of 1.5 - 2Centimeter and for the stock upstairs curtains add 1.5 centimeters. The width of the curtains will depend on the density of the assembly. If the fabric is heavy, then the width of the material will be taken to exceed the entire width, in 2 - 2, 5 times. For lightweight fabrics, the width of the fabric should exceed the width of the curtain three times.

If as the upper cut we areUse curtain braid with hinges, then you need to buy more by 15 - 20 centimeters than the width of the curtain itself. Because, when taping a braid, it has the property of stretching. The type of braid should be chosen based on the thickness of the fabric. For thin and lightweight fabrics, such a braid will suit the fabric in a fine crease, and for thick ones, that will gather in wide folds.


In accordance with the standards we will open the fabric. The sides of the curtains will be turned inside out by 1.5 - 2 cm, we will stretch and iron them. To the top edge we sew a curtain tape, at the same time we will tilt it on one and a half centimeter. In order for the tape to lie evenly and at the same time not frayed, it should be swept before it.

The ends of the tape are pressed inside out by 3 centimeters,For this, pre-pull the cords. We make a wide hem bottom, if you want you can sew a weighting. Then evenly we will clean the blind from both sides, we will fasten the cord with knots. Now the curtain is ready and you can hang it.

Now they have become very popularJapanese curtains. They consist of several smooth fabric cloths, which move through a specially made cornice. On such curtains at the bottom and above there are rigid inserts that will not allow the curtains to fold. These simple and stylish curtains, perfectly fit into any interior. Plus these curtains that they do not collect almost dust.

To make such curtains, we will buy a specialCornice and its guides. And we already choose any fabric for the paintings. Lateral sections are tilted and stitched. We put the fabric in the guides. In Japanese curtains, contrasting canvases will look beautiful.

Of course, you can do without curtains or use blinds, but in order for the window not to look ugly and boring, on the cornice we drape a piece of fabric.

You can make the most beautiful curtains of this season andIn full, we use our imagination. To do this, we asymmetrically lower the part of the fabric, make an imitation of a draped lambakken, and knot the knots at the ends of the cornice. Or we will take and use any clamps, beads, ribbons, decorative flowers. Thus, we will make fashionable and beautiful curtains, which will be stylish and will become a beautiful decoration of the interior.

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