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The correct choice of a cot

In fact, you need to start to understand that a baby bed does not differ much from an adult.

Let's talk more about the design of the bed: About the frame, frame and mattress. Frameworks, as a rule, are of two kinds. The first type includes a skeleton, to the two supporting backs of which are attached to the kings (side panels). In the frame of the second type, the leading role is assigned to the four kurgas (all the same side supports), which have one or two hinged backrests. Such a frame, as a rule, contains legs that serve as supports. To these frames you can choose all kinds of frames and mattresses. To tell the truth, many domestic manufacturers purchase beds and frames abroad, and they only complete them with mattresses. This, in principle, should not irritate our customers, because the price and quality is not affected. As a result, you buy an ideal bed that combines domestic and European production traditions.

In Russia, most often buy beds with a builtBox, where you can store, say, underwear and with a built-in mechanism. Multifunctionality is one of the criteria for buying a bed, and this should not be forgotten. Children really like beds with extra drawers.

Now for designs that are like youGuess, can also be varied. The most advantageous for the price are constructions from long boards. They also attach wooden slats. The more perpendicular racks you see, the stronger and more reliable your bed will be. It should also take into account the material of which the slats are made. Flexible breeds of wood (beech or birch) will last you longer. The rake should be multi-layered and thick (about 1 cm).

In addition to comfort, care must also be taken tohealth. According to orthopedic requirements, the bed should be with an orthopedic mattress, the frames should be multi-layered, in this case the spine will be in the correct state. If you want to save money, but do not deny yourself anything, then you need a bed with a mechanism for adjusting the rigidity of the sleeper, as well as with a slider for adjusting the angle of the various parts of the bed. So you can easily change the position of your body. Remember that quality beds will help you to keep your health and good mood.

Such things as a frame or frames do not give usCreative flight of imagination. Needless to say, here and not every designer is roaming. Another thing is the back of the beds, where the most daring ideas can come true. High and low, solid and divided, solid and delicate, vertical and curved - these are the backs, which are very popular today. Materials are also different: wood, leather, fabric of any color. It is especially important for the child to ask him, whatever bed he wants, what colors, shapes he likes. If necessary, connect a designer here.

Together, think about what kind of bedding youChoose: whether it will be monophonic or with a picture, if with a picture, then exactly what the kid would like to see there. Everyone knows that children like to lay out toys on the bed. Do not forget to ask if your child will continue to do this (then places will need much more), or they will take another place.

When choosing a bed, do not forget that it is up to the child to decide, and you will only help him.

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