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Greece: excursions, vacation at sea

In Greece, the climate is Mediterranean, mild -Dry, hot summer and warm, wet winter. The swimming season starts from the middle of May and ends in October. Hot months - July, August. Heat is easier to tolerate due to the fact that a refreshing, light wind is blowing and because of the proximity of the sea. The velvet season starts from September to October.

Greece - the best holiday for Russians, just some, three hours of flying and we get into this fairy tale. And what a variety of islands, they can be considered indefinitely.

Mecca of Greek tourism and famous thereDirection, this is the island of Crete. There are a lot of hotels from expensive luxury class, to the most affordable and democratic. Each of the hotels reflects the nature and the specific face of Greece, the four-star Cretan Village hotel is built in the form of a Cretan village, there is a natural atmosphere, good cuisine, animation and constant fun.

Or Knossos Royal is an excellent five-star hotel,Where the best combination in Greece of affordable prices and services of the highest level, this year added other impressive services. In this hotel is made a tennis, professional club, which has seven courts that are built to international standards. There are chic restaurants, tennis, in a word there is everything you need, and this is a great place for those who love themselves, namely for you.

The island of Rhodes is the most interesting island in Greece. Here in the early 3rd century BC, one of the seven wonders of the world was created - the Colossus of Rhodes. And although the island itself is small, but is surprisingly saturated. Picturesque landscapes, very beautiful nature, an ancient city that is under the protection of UNESCO, is associated with the history of the Maltese order before the expulsion of the Knights-Ioannites by the Turks to Malta. The city of Rhodes is well preserved, it is one of the few ancient fortresses in the world where among many monuments life continues.

There is much to see here - many churches,Admiralty, the street of the Knights, the palace of the Grand Master. There are hotels, a calm sea, beaches that are well-suited for recreation, in contrast to the western, stormy coast, which is ideal for surfing championships.

The third region that could be recommended is the western Peloponnese. Here are the best beaches of Greece and the whole Mediterranean, which stretch for a hundred kilometers.

This resort is considered one of the best resortsThe Mediterranean Sea. You can take the car, leaving the beaches for a while and ride on the peninsula. That only there is one ancient Olympia. It is impossible to convey how many interesting places can be seen here, we hope that it will become your love. The best time for rest is when there is no strong heat, little rest and you can already swim, this is the second half of May.

Now we know where you can go to Greece on excursions, and how and where to relax on the sea.
A trip to such a country will become even for theA sophisticated traveler a great event. Even if you are indifferent to history, the air, the sea, the sun of Greece will be able to affect your soul, because it is impossible to love it. Colorfulness of customs, traditions, fine cuisine, everything is created to bring joy. Greece is the safest and quietest country for tourists.

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