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The best summer vacation in the sea abroad

You want to go to the end of the world, leaving all your problems and concerns at home. Then safely Choose Singapore. Tour to Singapore will help you to be inA tourist paradise. Here, in addition to the warm sea, every possible abundance of goods, various entertainment, comfort and safety are offered. In Singapore, merged three different cultures: Arabic, Indian and Chinese.

Many tourists get acquainted with Singapore starting withThat they are visiting the colonial center. Here is the building of the Empress, inside there is a museum, an antique and art gallery. Also located is the colonial, classic-style Raffles Hotel. It was erected in honor of the founder of Singapore, Stamford Raffles.

It will be interesting to visit the ChinatownChinatown. It is the cultural center of Singapore. This quarter has many modern shops and old-style shops built, they can buy beautiful porcelain, jade products and waxed umbrellas.

Visit the Muslim city center, whichIs the center of the textile industry. Here you will buy Indonesian silk and batik, sarong. Headgears, baskets and delicious flowers are sold. On numerous trays of the North Bridge Road, there is Indian, traditional food.

Little India is the most colorful part of Singapore. Familiar music from Indian films and disturbing smells, everything can be seen here. Resting in Singapore, in this fabulous state, visit the main market of Zhujiao.

His luxury blinds Orchard Road, heIs considered an elite area. There are many modern hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, bars and nightlife. Resting in Singapore is impossible not to visit the island of Sentosa. There are many wonderful beaches, green parks. On weekdays, people are not crowded on the beaches of the island. On the island from Singapore you will take a funicular. There you can visit the largest in Asia aquarium, visit the show of musical fountains, visit the museum of corals.

Singapore is a city, state andIsland in one person. There are high technologies and ancient streets with their centuries-old way. It is a synthesis of East and West. Many travelers dream of visiting Singapore.

For travelers for whom summer vacation abroad is not a novelty, they will not be left indifferent by the large Cuban resort of Varadero, It is located from the capital of Cuba in 134 kilometers. UNESCO in 1992 recognized the beaches of Varadero, one of the cleanest in the world. Those who like an active way of life here do not miss the services of tourists: diving and surfing, yacht trips and fishing on the high seas. You will see a unique colonial architecture, strolling through Havana. Visit the sugar and tobacco factories, all this will make you feel the Cuban flavor.

And if you are tired of long flights, then you will come to rest in the Mediterranean resorts of Crete and Cyprus. Cyprus Is an open-air museum, lovers of the ancientHistory can feel here at home. In Cyprus, mixed cultures of different peoples, you can visit Byzantine monasteries, Greek and Christian churches. Here the popular resorts - Nicosia, Limassol, Ayia Napa, Larnaca can offer tourists with world-renowned hotels. Try Cypriot wines and lamb dishes, seafood from the national cuisine.

The largest, southern Greek Crete Is also rich in its sights, amongThem - the dwelling of the legendary Minotaur, the ruins of the Knossos labyrinth. The northern coast of the island is, sandy, endless beaches, resorts: quiet and noisy youth, and cozy in a family way.

If someone on summer vacation abroad scares the language barrier, then you can choose Montenegro, Where Russian tourists are treated with cordiality. Here, almost all of the coast is an ecologically clean area, which is protected by UNESCO. Here is the fjord only in southern Europe. The largest reserve in the Balkans is Skadar Lake. The most sunny place on the Adriatic coast is the famous resort Chernogorskaya Budva.

Now you probably decided and choseThe best summer vacation abroad. Choose a resort, before going on a trip, and vacation abroad will help you gain fresh impressions, strength and vivacity.

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