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Purchase of furniture for home: table

Today, very rarely the family eats after one Dining table. The times when all the inhabitants gatheredApartment or house, in the distant past and in the pages of historical novels. Learning, work, it takes away the strength and time that would be so desirable to spend with the family. For many, it's impossible to meet at dinner, it only remains to expect a maximum for a joint dinner. The dining table unites people of different generations and views at a meal. It is like a meeting point, without which each of us can not do. And even if we managed to get together, then there is another problem - a table beyond which you can not accommodate. "In crowdedness, yes, no offense," - so says one Russian proverb, which is perceived in our families living in small apartments as a reproach.

How to buy a dining table? Of course, you need to take into account the size of the room, the number of meals a day, which the family will be doing, sitting at this table. Comfort and convenience - that's what should contribute to a quality table. For each person, on the average, the place on width in 70 centimeters is allocated, and in depth it should not exceed forty centimeters. As a rule, such parameters allow a person to feel comfortable at the dinner table. You do not need to be selfish and think about places only for members of your family. And if guests or relatives come, where will they be seated? Therefore, you will need extra seats. Spare places - this is an ideal case, which is not always possible to translate into reality, but it's worth to try.

Now let's talk about the configuration of the dining table. Ideal - a round or oval table. We repeat that we must proceed from the dimensions of the room and its design, because the inhabitants of the house must live in harmony with the furniture. If your square meters do not allow you to place a living room or a spacious kitchen on them, then choose a square dining table. It can be leant against the wall, how, you will save if not square meters, so centimeters exactly. Note that there are square and rectangular tables. As a rule, only four people are placed behind a square table, whereas a rectangular table can accommodate more people.

Functionality is what eachFamily. The ability of the table to move, if a noisy and big company has come, and gather, if you and your loved ones need space. Approach the choice of a dining table with all responsibility. In addition to the shape, pay attention also to the materials from which the dining table is made. You need to stop your view of a comfortable model that will please our families for several generations.

It is impossible not to mention the variety of models Coffee tables: Square, oblong, round,Tables-transformers, a table-book. All of them are waiting for their owners, who have only to put their thoughts in order and buy a beloved coffee table. For more functionality, you can choose tables with a foldable substitute, ie. They have a small table top. If necessary, it can be used, say, put on her home flowers or phone. In a small apartment such an object will become a real salvation.

Materials used for manufacturingCoffee tables are varied. From this choice it is easy to grind: natural birch, wenge, mohogon, pine, and also cherry. Do not forget that there is a direct relationship between the material, its color and the desired form of the coffee table.

Designers often use stakes from glass. They visually increase the size of the table, due to which the table looks more elegant and richer. Of course, this is just an illusion of sight: the size of the table remains the same, but the effect that this table makes is envious of your neighbors, who will also want to buy such a wonderful thing. You can also put a small lamp with colored or matte lighting under the table. Thus, your cute coffee table will start to glow. One step towards the tale has already been made. You can order a table made entirely of glass. Sure, you need to be careful with such a fragile thing.

We all remember one more well-known modelA coffee table, namely a table on wheels. This model combines the features of a coffee table and a serving table. Such tables can move your hands to the kitchen or living room, and also be used as a bedside table in the bedroom, like coffee or tea tables.

Do not forget that a well-chosen coffee table is another touch in your apartment or house, convenience and comfort, which you do not want to part with!

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