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Where to go on vacation with a child of up to a year

Willingness to go to theA small, but all the same trip, are subject to both working mothers and mothers who are in the decree. When, how can you not afford to change the habitual and podnadoevshy way of life! In order for summer vacation to meet your expectations, carefully prepare for the trip. Start by choosing a place to rest. At the same time, be sure to take into account that vacation with a child has its own characteristics. Listen to our advice.

To sea!

Of course, the trip to the sea has a lotAdvantages. Sunny beach, tender sea, air, soaked in iodine and phytoncides, will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. But on such a journey there may be minuses. For example, pediatricians of the "old school" do not recommend taking out children to the sea for up to a year, explaining this by the fact that the organism of the crumbs experiences certain stress during acclimatization - accordingly, the susceptibility to various diseases increases. However, modern moms have become bolder and more active. Nowadays, it is increasingly possible to meet a family of tourists with a carapace for up to a year.

The place and the time allotted for rest, choose inDepending on the purpose of your trip. To make the child healthier, it makes sense to go at the beginning of the season and stay by the sea for a long time (a month or two). Relatively short trip (a week, two) is better to plan in the middle of summer: the sea by this time is already well warmed up.

Into the mountains

It is not easy to describe the benefits of recreation in the mountains,While remaining laconic. So, mountains are healing air, ecologically clean space, indescribable beauty and unforgettable impressions. Thanks to the height, significant level of solar radiation and ionization, the air in the mountainous terrain is cleaned of chemical impurities, dust and bacteria. Moderate rarefiedness of mountain air "trains" the respiratory, cardiovascular and hematopoietic systems of the human body. Clean spring water, berries and medicinal plants increase immunity and contribute to the purification of the body. It is believed that a month spent in the mountains, gives a healing effect for a year! About romanticism and extraordinary beauty, it simply does not make sense to talk - you should see it yourself!

Height, the ascent to which the human bodyTransfers without any stress, it averages 500-1000 m. This corresponds exactly to the height of the Ukrainian Carpathians. However, if you want, you can go to more remote places: for example, visit the mountain systems of Altai, the Caucasus, etc. Many travel agencies offer family-type rest in alpine camps, where both adults and children are equally interested.


You still have not decided where to go on vacation withChild up to a year? Or maybe you want to jerk with the baby on a hike? Why not! Especially if you can not imagine your life without active rest. However, with a small traveler, a lot can seem in a different light. It is better to plan a trip in the middle of summer: during this period the probability of precipitation decreases and the nights get warmer (do not forget that you can hide only in the tent). Gather the right company. For a youngster older than 1.5 years, it is important to have other children: then the crumb will not be bored. Thoroughly plan the route and well think over the list of products that you take with you, given that you have kids. It may be necessary to do more "dnevok" and before getting off the route. Are you ready for the unexpected? Then go ahead! For the health of the baby it is safer if your route passes near settlements: so you will decide the issue of purchasing drinking water and providing medical assistance in case of unforeseen situations. Pay special attention to the collection of the first aid kit and the things necessary for the crumbs.


Convenient from the standpoint of autonomy: Tired or tired - made a stop. It allows you to quickly reach your destination and keep your mobility at the resting place. However, the state of the baby will be decisive. Some children absolutely calmly endure trips, they do not sway on the road and do not tire of the need to sit in one place. For others, the trip by car becomes a torture: from one smell of the salon begins nausea and even vomiting is possible. Take into account also the class of the car. In the heat on the big slopes, as never before, by the way, there will be an air-conditioner. To the crumb not rock, settle it so that it looks forward. For the duration of the trip, it is better to cover the side windows with a toned film. Distract: sing songs, play finger games. Suggest a baby mint lollipop or solder with lemon vodichkoj.

Traveling in a train

It is believed that moving to long distancesEasier to carry on the train. Give preference to the evening voyage. In the train, like in a large cradle, the baby is sure to fall asleep and relax. Choose seats in the compartment or CB: you will be more comfortable in a closed "room", and, as a rule, such cars are better equipped. Avoid visiting a crumbly common toilet. To do this, grab enough pampers or a pot. Antibacterial wet wipes on the road are irreplaceable. Often wipe the baby handles, as well as objects with which he touches. Think in advance, what to do and how to feed the baby. Take with you a lot of pure still water. Dishes from the dining car and train station cafes are not for you! Do not succumb to the delicious smells and invitations of merchants at large stations. In what conditions their cooking is prepared, nobody knows.

We fly like birds!

Advantage of air travel in speed! A few hours - and you are on vacation. Officially, the flight is allowed from the second week of the baby's life. As a rule, infants and young children tolerate it well. The main problem points are the take-off and landing of the aircraft: due to pressure drops there may be a feeling of stuffiness in the ears. Suggest a youngster in this period to suck caramel or make a few sips of water. For a child under two years of age, airlines provide a 90% discount on the ticket, but without a separate seat. For babies up to 10 months and weighing up to 10 kg a special cradle is offered - do not forget to warn the airline representative at least 24 hours before departure.

Before making a decision on air travel, visitPediatrician. Contraindications to travel by air are severe anemia, severe respiratory and heart disease, recent surgery.

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