/ How many hours should there be a healthy dream?

How many hours should there be a healthy dream?

Scientists, physiologists argue that for an adultA person a healthy sleep should be approximately 8 hours a day. Although with the modern furious pace of life, many of us will find it simply impermissible to spend so much time in bed, but such a figure is conditioned by nature itself. It is this length of sleep of an adult person that makes this rest really healthy.

Why is sleep so important to a person? The fact is that during sleep, the most important for our health recovery processes that allow a person to remain functional even after the most severe physical exertion. For example, during sleep in our body, the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is one of the basic substances of energy metabolism, is intensively occurring. During wakefulness, the synthesized adenosine triphosphoric acid is cleaved in the cells of our body, thus releasing an amount of energy that is much higher than the amount of released energy in ordinary biochemical reactions. Therefore, how many hours a person's healthy sleep lasts, ATP will be synthesized so much. Even in this one and only one example it becomes clear why a person, when reducing the time of his sleep, becomes very tired, gets tired quickly, does not even cope with simple assignments at work.

Proceeding from the above, any adult person,Wishing to stay healthy, should pay great attention to how many hours his sleep lasts. For a good sleep, it is best to create the most favorable conditions - for example, in the bedroom, the air temperature should not be very high. To control this indicator in the bedroom there should be a room thermometer, with which you will always know how many degrees of heat in the room for sleep. It is advisable to ventilate the bedroom before going to bed. This will allow some to lower the temperature of the air and simultaneously increase the concentration of oxygen during the hours of sleep in this room, which is also important for providing a healthy rest. In the warm season, you can even leave an open window all night long - this will always maintain the oxygen level in the bedroom at the proper level and will also have some hardening effect on your body. If you are resistant to colds and already have some level of hardening, you can try to leave an open window in the bedroom in autumn or even in winter (of course, keeping in mind how many degrees of frost in the street - at a very low temperature, the window leaf is better closed). Such hardening procedures during sleep will only have a positive effect on a healthy adult, but for children and adolescents, such hardening sessions should be much more cautious and not expose their body to very low temperatures.

The recovery value of sleep is currentlyHas become so obvious that in some large corporations, workers are allowed to drowse for 15 to 20 minutes right after the lunch break, right at the workplace in a specially designated room, where soft and comfortable furniture is located. It turns out that even after a fifteen-minute sleep, a person's working capacity is significantly increased, so a rested worker is able to perform a much larger scope of tasks.

So, I hope that none of you haveThere will be doubts when answering the question, how many hours should your dream be, so that it can rightfully be called healthy. After all, a dream for any adult person is the opportunity to be healthy, maintain a cheerful mood, high performance and low fatigue.

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