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Pros and cons of living in the country

Real estate in the country: to be or not to be?

To help the child in acute emergencies,Which are quite rare, outside the city is particularly difficult. And if you do not specify in advance the territorial affiliation of the urban-type settlement, you can "rumble" with a small child in a district hospital far from the place of residence, where, as the old-timers say, there is nothing but wool and greenery ...

On the other hand, idyllic dreams give themselvesknow. Live outside the city, breathe air without smog and industrial impurities, enjoy singing birds in the morning and be fascinated by the thunderstorm over the forest ... You can not find a better picture. And now, thinking about ecology and prestige, young families tend to choose a suburban option.

Sometimes they still think much: How the water supply system should be arranged, whether electricity will work stably, how to get to your house if the car is under repair, and whether it will be possible to get to the autumn period when all roads have turned into a continuous swamp ... And yet even the most attentive sometimes He is in for a surprise.

Pros and cons of living outside the city are not soAre obvious, as it seems. Pros can for years be perceived as natural (and not restored due to fresh air and clean water) health. But all the shortcomings of suburban home ownership sometimes suddenly await even very caring parents.

Call a doctor even in a cottage villageIs a problem. And if the question of life is solved by those half an hour, which you need to get to the city? You will say that it happens hardly once in a lifetime, and it can quite "carry". But if, let's say, the question does not concern yourself, but the most precious thing that every family person has - children?

Another controversial issue is the benefits of livingA city for a growing generation. On the one hand, with due respect, we can give them all the same as their "urban" peers - the Internet, TV, telephones, communication, education in schools and universities ... But whether it's to take the child out of school, which Is located on the next street, and another - to spend half an hour-hour to call behind him in the city garden, and only then take the child out of town. In addition, there are neighbors and peers in the city who will not give the child offense or once again (while Mom briefly distracted), will warn him about the traveling car. Perhaps sometimes it is this inconspicuous help that saves children. And communication with peers, in addition to the time that the child spends in school, is the natural need of children.

Provide all possible assistance to the development of the child can andAll kinds of "circles", and tutors. In groups of English or macrame, children are more likely to learn in their free time. And no matter how hard the parents resisted, arguing that they are capable of educating the child, it is still worth paying attention to such teachers who are not easy to find in our time. Piano lessons or sewing and sewing are all very easy to find in the city, but it is difficult - outside the city. Pros and cons of living outside the city and in the city are incomparable - parents believe, and they simply choose the option that they like, in advance reconciling with all the attendant shortcomings.

So, to deprive children of growing in an environmentally friendly andSafe place for them, and stay in the city, albeit an elite apartment? Not at all. But in order to think about the future, about the time when the family has the next generation, it is worthwhile to find among all the options that will be convenient for all household members.

The opportunity to easily reach the suburbanHousing on the train, minibus or frequent walking bus - this is a definite plus. Another advantage is housing, located relatively close to any municipal or paid hospital. At the weekend it is worth organizing trips to the theater, cinema, to find opportunities to give children to communicate with their peers and in addition to lessons. And only in that way, having provided all the features of suburban life, you can buy a ready-made cottage or start building your paradise in the bosom of nature.

Taking into account all the pros and cons of living outside the city,You can build a house and create the life that you dreamed of in a very young age. For example, that the father with children practiced archery, made by own hands. To the morning you are greeted by the noise of the pines and the singing of birds. To be able to go to a neighbor in the morning, and please the children with fresh, fresh milk, and not a store from the package.

Do you realize your dreams - it's up to you. And if very scary for themselves and for your healthChildren, for the road and maniacs - no one interferes with completing nurse courses or enrolling in an aikido group, keeping a good first aid kit in the house and not allowing a husband without an appropriate education to power tools :)

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