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Rest in St. Petersburg, entertainment, cultural program

Do you like youth-resting or cultural, active or quiet and secluded - in St. Petersburg you will find everything! In what a secret of attraction of this city, up to the end you will not solve. For each it has its own.

White Nights and Bridges

White nights (late May - mid-July) - time,When you can walk all night long on the quiet streets, resting from the daily bustle. And the city seems to be buried in a transparent haze, making it fabulous and airy ...

A breeding of bridges - just an amazing sight! It is even worth ordering a night excursion along the Neva on a boat to admire the numerous bridges and beauty of Peter under the splash of water, and also to make a wish by throwing a coin into the beak of a small stony stone tiger, which "lives" under one of the bridges. And the desire is sure to come true!

"Scarlet Sails", "Aurora", Bronze Horseman

Only in St. Petersburg there is a unique tradition -Celebrate the citywide holiday of alumni "Scarlet Sails". And this event has already reached the international level. Every year, on June 21, on the Neva embankment, near the Peter and Paul Fortress, a fairy tale begins, to which anyone can go: after a gorgeous show with the participation of pop stars at one o'clock in the morning, a sailing ship with scarlet sails - under a hail of fireworks and under the rays of a laser show, analogues Which is not in Russia.

Another famous ship is the cruiser Aurora,Who took baptism of fire during the Russo-Japanese War and survived the October Revolution, is now a branch of the Central Naval Museum. Here Petrograders and guests of the Northern capital can be imbued with the rich history of the great city.

By the way, which continues to live in the present. For example, the famous Bronze Horseman - a monument to Peter I - stands on the Senate Square for 240 years in its original form! It is made of bronze, and its name is due to the Pushkin poem of the same name. And the Peter and Paul Fortress, that on the Hare island (the Petrograd side) is the cradle of the city: it was from it that the construction of Peter began with the light hand of Peter the Great, who decided to "cut through a window" to Europe. But only for its direct purpose - for military purposes - the fortress was never used, but for a long time served as a political prison (until the beginning of the XX century). There are a lot of such sights. Not for nothing that 4000 objects of the city were entered by UNESCO into the World Heritage List.

Holy Temples

On vacation in St. Petersburg, entertainment, culturalThe program of which only stands the famous Kazan Cathedral and its main shrine, revered throughout the Orthodox world, is the miraculous icon of Kazan Mother of God! Or the largest Orthodox church in Russia - the majestic St. Isaac's Cathedral, with its collonades offering a magnificent panorama of the city. And one of the symbols of St. Petersburg is a museum-monument of the Church of Our Savior on Blood, built in memory of the death of Emperor Alexander II in 1881. Outside, the building - like the twin brother of the Moscow Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed - is the embodiment of the image of the Russian Orthodox church, oriented to the samples of Moscow and Yaroslavl XVI-XVII centuries, and inside - a real museum of mosaics!

Bread Freud. Chocolate

In St. Petersburg, it would seem incompatible. For example, classic and modern, romantic luxury and avant-garde minimalism. Along with the famous Mariinsky Theater, which was once visited by the emperors, there is an experimental "Rains Theater" in St. Petersburg and the "Stray Dog" children's theater. And in addition to the world-famous Hermitage, the Russian Art Museum (in which one must certainly go to fully experience what a cultural Peter is) and a couple of hundred museums, there are also unusual in Petrograd: the Museum of Bread and the Freud Dream Museum. For children - the Museum of chocolate with a lot of delicious exhibits, which can be purchased as souvenirs!

Notebook of the tourist:

- The Hermitage (Dvortsovaya Embankment, 34);

- Museum of Russian Art (Embankment of the Griboedov Canal, 2);

- Mariinsky Theater (Theater Square, 1);

- Peter and Paul Fortress (Hare Island);

- The Bronze Horseman (Senate Square);

- Cruiser "Aurora" (Petrovskaya embankment).


- Toy Museum (Embankment of the Karpovka River, 32);

- Puppet Museum (Vasilievsky Island, Kamskaya Street, 8);

- Zoological Museum (University embankment, 1);

- The Oceanarium (Marata St., 86);

- Petersburg Planetarium (Alexandrovsky Park, 4);

- Youth Theater (Pioneer Square, 1).

Of Peter must bring:

- porcelain souvenir of the "luxury" class from the Lomonosov Imperial Porcelain Factory;

- the famous watercolors "Leningrad";

- Your portrait, painted by a St. Petersburg artist at the metro station "Nevsky Prospekt";

- a rare edition of a book, acquired in the "House of Books".

You can not not love Peter, because once you have been in the city on the Neva, you will want to go back again and again. And each time everything will repeat ... in a new way.

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