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Where to spend your free time family


Who among the kids does not like beasts? Watch the bears, feed the ducks, pat the guinea ... Go for joy! Even if there is no zoo in your city, you should go to the nearest one. Just do not forget to bring a lightweight stroller, sling or a backpack for carrying. Then the crumb can at any time eat (fruit, cookies) and sleep.


The simplest option, which will tell wherespend your free time family - it's to go to the nearest park. The presence of a playground is desirable, but not necessary. A bicycle or a scooter will diversify your pastime. You can combine business with pleasure and visit the botanical garden. The lilac, magnolia, cherry blossom is about to burst forth ... In many parks there is a possibility to have a picnic. Set on the lawn (pre-bed a thick plaid or a small karemat) and have a bite of sandwiches taken from home with warm tea. Do not forget about the camera! In nature, very beautiful pictures are obtained. Do not hesitate to ask passers-by to photograph you with the whole family.

Game Center

Attractions, auto-motos, multi-levela maze, a playground, a trampoline, air guns, slot machines, cartoons and puppet shows, a children's cafe ... Such a variety is capable of captivating a karapuza of any age! And a one-year-old baby, and three-year-olds will find a lesson in the children's play center! And while the child is sporting, mom and dad will have a chat over a cup of coffee or tea.


When the May storm is raging outside the window, invite toyour guests. But not just for the children to play enough. Do everything together (both children and adults) in an interesting way. For example, it is possible to mold ravioli or vareniki together. It's nice to have an art hour. On a large sheet of paper or on the back of a section of unnecessary wallpaper, draw a large picture. For babies - finger paints. Fun is guaranteed!


To bathe in open water is too early, andDoes your kid love splashing around? Then you - in the water park. There time flies imperceptibly. Above all, do not leave the child alone. While the father or mother conquers the "black" slides, the other parent will teach the crumb to swim in the children's pool. Bracers and an inflatable ring will be very handy.

Remember: so that the baby does not freeze, he needs to actively move. And you can get warm in the shower or sauna (they work almost at each water park). In the end - a delicious lunch in a cafe. Appetite for the baby after the swim took place in earnest? Do not get carried away with ice cream and cold juices!

In May, the theatrical season is not yet closed, which means,you will have time to visit some interesting performances. Since the age of two, the child can be attached to the beautiful. A puppet show lasting no more than 20-25 minutes is what it needs! Three-year-old is already able to sit out for 30-40 minutes on a children's performance.

Be sure to read in the poster, on the audience, whatage the performance is calculated. Although the actors know what a children's audience is, before you leave your house, talk to your little son or daughter about the rules of behavior in the theater.

Open-air museum

It will be interesting for the kid to see in which housesearlier people lived, from what utensils they ate, where they slept. All this can be seen in the Museum in the open air. Spaciousness and fresh air will only benefit the child. In addition, he will like to do something under the guidance of an experienced potter, blacksmith, weaver ...

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