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Summer holidays

- Listen, Mishka, but let's move to Lizka? She invited us in the winter ...
- So, maybe she was inviting for winter time, - tried to joke husband. - Imagine, we are on skates cheshem to the Sea of ​​Azov ...
- Come on, - I was offended. "We were like sisters at school with her." Not in vain did she flood us with the whole family in the winter. I'll call her back. How are you?
"Try it," agreed Mishka. He too was tired this year and dreamed of lying on hot sand no less than I. That evening I contacted a school friend. Either the connection was bad, or Lizka rushed to the phone, overcoming the barriers, but her voice was nervous.
- Yes, I remember how! She was saying.
"Come, I'll arrange everything!" Tell me exactly, what number to prepare a house for?
Is it a house for us? I already shone with joy. She put down the phone and said to her husband: "You see!" Old love does not rust, like school friendship. Lizka awaits us on the twentieth and will specially prepare the house. Look, the capitalist has found herself! About the fact that my former classmate Lizaveta became the owner of a boarding house on the shore of the Azov Sea, on the Arabat's arrow, I learned six months ago.
Money was not enough not just to rest somewhere in Europe, but even to the southern resorts of the country.

We remembered one promise.

We have not seen each other for fifteen years, but in the winter itShe reminded herself of herself. She called and upset said that she urgently needed to bring her son to Kiev for a consultation, and asked if they would be able to stay for a couple of days with us.
- Yes, what are we talking about, Lizka! - I was really happy, but speaking to her, I looked around with my two-room "mansions", on which, with my husband and husband, two of our offspring, the good-natured basset-hound of Dazi and the arrogant red cat Bergamot.
"We are for a couple of days," Lizka said when we finally stopped hugging, remembering the school, the childhood friends, whom life had scattered.
"Yes, as much as necessary, live so much," I blurted out and looked at my husband. Mishka just returned from a responsible task on temporary evacuation of the main part of our family to my grandmother.

My mother-in-law hardly had a stroke
When she saw her son with suitcases, twoSmiling and simultaneously fighting grandchildren, Daisy on a leash and Bergamot in a basket. "Did Nata drive you out?" Her mother-in-law asked, her voice falling. "Datychto, Mom! Exclaimed Misha. - We have just guests, they have nowhere to place. Can it be that the children and Dusya and Bergamot are having a few days off? "So the problem of sleeping places for Lisa and her little son was solved. Mishka and I moved to two chair-beds, in which our guys slept, and guests were given their bedroom at their disposal. Lizka has changed a lot during those twenty years. No, it's not that she is stout and very bright, even defiantly dyed. I with regret thought, that the girl-friend became any envious. In free from medical consultations, she stroked the fur of my fur coat with her hand, carefully felt the soft jersey of sweaters, sniffed every thing in the house and sighed:
"This is how people live in the capital!"
"Tell me about yourself," I said.
- And what to tell? She sighed. "We plow from morning till night, like the damned." We bought an old collective farm holiday house on the beach, we are repairing it, we want to make a private boarding house. Work - above the roof.
- So you have your own boarding house? - I could not understand why she was so frankly jealous of us. "Lizka, you're a burger!" And she, as if she had been drenched with oil on the wound: she smiled and said:

- Come anytime! For old friends, of course, everything is free! Instead of a couple of days, Lisa lived with us for two weeks, and every day, returning home, I feverishly thought, what else would such a capital surprise guests, than to feed, where to reduce. Misha and I arranged a real entertainment program for them, which included a concert in the "Ukraine" palace, a circus, a Chinese restaurant, a Franco theater, and walks along the Andreevsky slope. When we escorted the guests to the station, I was only worried about how to patch up the hole in the family budget after our broad gestures. Lizka said goodbye:
- Natasha, now I'm waiting for you on a visit ... Therefore, on the nineteenth of July, we loaded the trunk of the car with gifts ("We are going to free rest," I said to Misha.) "We must bring at least some gifts from the capital") and left early in the morning to the south. To the destination with different road adventures we got after midnight. Lizkin boarding house was a dozen rickety wooden houses surrounded by a prickly fence. At the entrance, which is a creaky wooden gate, there was a lodge in which the half-drunk grandfather peacefully snored. We forcibly awakened him from hibernation and began to explain who we are and why we came.
- No seats! - he explained with competence and already wanted to fall asleep again, but Misha grabbed his sleeve and began to ask persistently where to find us the hostess of the boarding house.
- Lizaveta? - Our grandfather was surprised at our knowledge. - They are with her husband in Greece. Nedelki after two will be, when the next batch of podvalit and it will be necessary to knock the grandmother. And now there are no places! And, it seems, he did not lie.

Despite the deep night
, The windows of the houses were lit, and from each,As if competing with each other, dazed drunken cries were heard. The people broke away to their fullest ... The watchman waved his hand, said: "Go to the city! There you can rent an angle inexpensively. " And where would the forces after this news move? We turned back along the Arabat's arrow and sat down for the night near the camp of savages. Twisted rollers in the car, all the night long they trembled from the howling of stray dogs, the panning of tents in the tents, powerful snoring and choral drunken hymns. When the sun was just scrambling to the sky, we, angry and not getting enough sleep, sat down on the sand, and Mishka said gloomily: - Maybe, indeed, we went to Genichesk, we'll take off the corner for a couple of days. Knowingly we have rewound a thousand kilometers ?! We shall plunge into the sea, and then - home. I cried for offense: in the trunk finally melted away and flowed our metropolitan gostinitsy: Kiev cakes, sweets "Evening Kiev". Mishka unloaded this chocolate porridge under the nearest bush, and she was immediately surrounded by a dense ring of stray dogs and cats. We got into the car and drove to Genichesk. After spending half a day looking for and bidding, we paid a fat woman $ 5 per nose per night in a room without windows. "That's not even a fight!"

- Mishka and I decided not to drive a car, But to go slowly. Dined in fragrant steppes, ate shish kebabs in cafes, Misha was indignant at night in campsites. "What do you want? - the woman was surprised. "We have a sea of ​​healing!" Dirt, estuary! "Finally they stuck to the sea. This supposedly "healing sea" near the city was a dirty-brown water surface with beautiful rainbow oil stains. We stood, admired the scenery, but did not dare to swim. Falled ashore on the towels and slept through the evening: fatigue affected. Early the next morning we went home. I was in a worse mood, but my husband, trying to cheer us up, chattered incessantly. "Natka, it's good that we took all the money with us!" - he said, when they decided not to drive, but to go slowly, surveying the wonderful expanses of our country, and to stop in places that they like.

Dined under the open sky
In the fragrant steppes, dined in roadside cafes, spent the night in camping grounds, wandered through unfamiliar cities, and when they returned home in a week, they quite honestly assured Misha's mother:
- If you do not count the rest by the sea, then we can say that the vacation was a success! Two weeks later, Lizka called and in an offended voice chided me:
- Well, Natasha! Who does this? We agreed on the twentieth of August, and you rushed the twentieth of July! Girlfriend, yes, I just did not have time ...
- Come on, Lizka! I said, and for some reason flushed. - Everything is fine.
"That's how you always carry water on you," Misha said, offended.
"We'll see," I answered blithely. - Life is an unpredictable thing ...
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