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Rules of conduct in the ski hike

First, it is necessary to plan in advanceRoute of travel. Surely your main goal of participating in a ski trip is to achieve a healing effect, rather than training for the development of speed and endurance. Therefore, the distance you are going to cross on skis should allow you to complete the trek at a calm pace, without much haste and until dark (as in the winter time twilight comes very early). When choosing the route and calculating the approximate moment of reaching the final point of the ski trip, it is necessary to take into account the time that will be spent on rest for restoring strength or eating food.

Secondly, it is advisable to listen to the weather forecastFor the next day. If, for a given period of time, the temperature of the ambient air is predicted to be lower than -10 ° C, then the ski trip should be postponed until more warm weather sets in. In the event that you still firmly intend to ski, say, even at -15 ° C, then your behavior in the open air should be quite active, and the duration of a ski trip under such conditions should not exceed 1 - 1.5 Hours. After intensive physical exertion in the fresh air in order to avoid catarrhal diseases, you should immediately return to the heated room and drink a cup of hot tea. If, during a prolonged stay in the open, one of the participants in the ski trip begins to feel numbness in the fingertips or open areas of the facial skin, it is necessary to return immediately to a warm room and apply the complex of measures to the victim in accordance with the rules of frostbite behavior.

Thirdly, when driving on rough terrainDuring the skiing trip, you must follow the rules of safe behavior when descending from the slopes of hills or hills. Do not forget in such cases about the need to maintain a distance during the descent and reasonably assess your ability to perform certain elements of the movement on skis. Since all the same during the skiing trip possible different unforeseen situations, it is desirable to take with you a medical first aid kit even with the most necessary means of providing first aid. If some participants in the hike have chronic illnesses, then they should be doubly more careful. At the usual measured behavior of the person in a daily life chronic diseases can practically not be shown or very rarely to remind of itself. But in the conditions of a ski trip, when unavoidable exercise is performed (even with a leisurely rhythm of movement), sudden complications may occur. Therefore, people with existing chronic diseases need to put in their backpacks a package of medicines that can take off possible sudden attacks of the disease.

Fourth, in accordance with the general rulesBehavior when performing physical exertion, during rapid movement through the terrain in a ski trip should refrain from heavy meals. However, in order to avoid the appearance of unpleasant feelings from the feeling of hunger, you must take sandwiches and thermos with hot tea along with it, evenly distributing the burden among all participants of such active rest.

Fulfillment of the above rules of conduct in the ski trip will allow all its participants to fully relax in the fresh air and acquire a charge of vivacity and good spirits.

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