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White tablecloth on the table

The tablecloth is the most important element of the table decor. Therefore, in the first place, it must be flawlessly clean, perfectly ironed and, if desired, starched, synthetic or mixed. But traditional is still considered flax or cotton, with a convex woven pattern.

For dinner parties, official receptions, when a largethe number of people, it is customary to cover a plain snow-white tablecloth, but for meetings with friends it is quite suitable tablecloth with a pattern. Embroidered and colorful tablecloths are best reserved for a small company - they are irreplaceable for family tea parties.
The favorite, despite the rapidly changing fashion trends, is a tablecloth of white fabric, smart and no frills. And besides - not capricious in care.
Capital cleanup. A lot of effective means are now being produced for professional washing. Therefore, it is not necessary to lose consciousness from a greasy stain planted on a snow-white linen. With special attention should be treated only to those spots that settled on colored fabric or tablecloth with embroidery. In this case, the washing should be gentle. But if you are afraid to spoil the elegant ornament - better hand over the tablecloth to a dry cleaner.

You tried to get a spot home, but it has not disappeared? Do not rub the tablecloth, otherwise you will never get rid of it. Wash the cloth again, using special stain removers for this type of fabric.
Tablecloths are very popularSpecial Teflon impregnation, which provides less absorbency. But to cover it with a table is better for close friends, since it is suitable mainly for everyday use (it does not have an elegant appearance). Impregnation on such a tablecloth is just a treatment of the material, and, as a rule, it is washed off after a few washings (the more thoroughly the trash, the sooner it happens). If you spill something on this table cloth and wipe it right away, there will not be any stains left. But if you postpone washing for later, it will not be possible to get rid of it.

Laundry by the rules. Natural fabric - cotton and linen - forPreservation of the form and shape requires delicate washing. However, the water temperature can be high, if the tablecloth is solid. Wipe the fabric with embroidery by hand. Any blended fabric (polikoton, polyester) and synthetics require low temperatures. At washing in this case it is impossible to use chlorine-containing means: they destroy structure of a fabric which loses the kind, not speaking already about color. Strongly soiled fabrics before washing should be left in the water solution of the detergent for a while. And only after this wash.
Again as new. Wet cloth treatment (washing) can provoke a change in the size of linen or semilattice fabric (no more than 4-6%). Dry this tablecloth in a straightened form, without overdrying. If the linen tablecloth is still dry - well, sift it with water and let it lie down for a while. To iron it is necessary a well heated iron with a humidifier. In addition to water from the pulverizer, special sprays can be used that simultaneously facilitate ironing and starch the fabric.
After washing the tablecloth with lace trim orfringe make sure that when wringing out the lace and fringe remained in the middle, otherwise they can be torn. Intending to iron a tablecloth with fringe, lightly shake it to straighten it. The fringe can be carefully combed with a rare comb. The water from the atomizer must be hot, not cold.
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