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There is not enough money to carry out a full-fledged repair

The following tips will help make repairs less expensive, and, therefore, more economical.

The services of the finishers are undoubtedly convenient, butCompletely uneconomical. On average, the finishers will have to pay from 1500 rubles per square meter. Cosmetic repair of an apartment can be easily done independently, it all depends on your imagination and working capacity. The benefit for the family budget will be very tangible.

First, you need to calculate the cost of repairs, based on the available money. Expect the best only for the money that is available, and not for those that are about to appear.

The repair process must be planned "from" and"before". It will be better to draw up a plan for repair work on paper, since in this way it will be easier to calculate the costs for the purchase of building materials. It is necessary to carefully calculate the number of necessary building materials. In this case, sometimes you just can not do without the help of more experienced people. In case of special difficulties, it is better to ask advice from a professional who will make a repair plan for a moderate reward. Usually, such ready-made plans even indicate where you can buy everything you need for repair at the most suitable price for you.

To save on construction materials, whichNow, I must say, not cheap, buy them in stores, where the shares are held. About such promotions and profitable offers, construction materials stores are usually advertised in advance. You can call shops by yourself and specify where you can buy goods cheaper. If you buy on the market, do not be afraid to bargain, in the market it is appropriate. You can make profitable purchases of building materials through the Internet.

In advance, consider how you will deliver construction materials to your home. In order not to go to the store several times, it's better to buy everything at once and transport it home with one batch.

Save on finishing materials. For example, to plaster walls, you can buy a cheaper plaster instead of expensive acrylic putty. It is no less qualitative than acrylic. Or, for example, buying plaster with a higher adhesion, you can save money on the primer.

From the treatment of walls can be discarded altogether, ifTo purchase for walls textured wallpaper with a visual effect. Such wallpaper hides the flaws and unevenness of the wall. The most durable and high-quality wallpaper - vinyl, they are washable, which is very convenient for gluing the kitchen. Washable vinyl wallpaper finish even the bathrooms, this method is much cheaper than finishing with ceramic tiles. Instead of washable wallpaper you can buy double paper, they are not so strong and durable, but breathable, which is especially good for pasting a children's room. The cheapest option - single wallpaper. Their quality is the lowest, but the price is the same. Remember that the remains of wallpaper are sold at great discounts, so it is possible to save money on repairing the children's room, if, for example, to paste it with tricolor wallpaper. Such a decision will be very original and, no doubt, will please the child.

For the floor, the perfect solution will be carpet or carpet tiles. This material easily fits and is the most economical of soft coatings. Wooden floor will be more convenient to cover with varnish.

Repair can be done in any circumstances. The main thing is to combine your ingenuity with reasonable savings. All in your hands!

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