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Let's talk about Russified "Feng Shui"

From ancient times people in Russia believed in a hugeThe number will take. Signs are, in fact, signs that give accumulated positive or negative energy. For example, broken mirrors portend misfortune or death in the family, broken dishes - on the contrary, it indicates a great great joy, a black cat, a runaway road makes a Russian person go another route, etc.

There are truly Russian ways to improve the energy in the house, without using wind music, a three-legged toad and Bagua mirrors, which are symbols of feng shui.

To improve your health, apply the following tips.

Above the entrance door hang upside downHorse horseshoe. Horseshoes can now be found in any souvenir shop. So your house will always be a full cup. Under the bed, too, you need to put the horseshoe so that the convex part is directed "from you", so you will always be healthy.

For the health of residents is responsible kitchen, in particular, stove and refrigerator. Always keep this technique clean.

Do not place mirrors in the bedroom, especially notIt is recommended to hang them over the bed. Mirrors are a very powerful source of energy, both positive and negative. The mirror ceiling in the bedroom is extremely negative for health. In order for the mirror in the hall to carry only positive energy, smile more often, looking at it, sing funny songs, and, of course, carefully watch its purity. Mirrors and windows should be washed frequently, as these are the most powerful energy keepers.

Perfect wards for your home will be: Clay figurines, wooden ornaments, painted paintings, family photos. Hang in the corners of the house ringing little bells, which, according to popular beliefs, expel evil spirits from the dwelling and purify the energy.

It is necessary to ventilate the apartment as often as possible,So that no old energy remains in it. Especially careful ventilation should be done after the reception of guests. At night it is better to keep the pane closed to protect your home from free flying negative night energies and evil spirits.

If you have problems in your personal life, use the following rituals.

Arrange in the bedroom statuettes of bulls, elephants or horses. These animals are symbols of love and matrimonial fidelity.

Do not place in the bedroom, especially nearMatrimonial bed, indoor plants. Put them in the other rooms of your apartment. By the way, many married couples avoid building cactuses in the house to avoid quarrels and conflicts in the family. In fact, cacti do not bring strife into the house, they only reflect all the energy that they absorb, so watch out for cacti only for those couples that really swear. If your family is dominated by peaceful days and good relationships, the cactus will only strengthen your family idyll.

Keep the windows of your bedroom clean. In the bedroom there should be a soft light, tuning to romance and tenderness. A bright light should be in the living room to concentrate in this place of the apartment all the energies of the house. You can not sleep on the bed, if it is not laid on a single mattress, but two adjacent ones. So you distance yourself from the partner by a wall of misunderstanding. Never use someone else's bed, as it carries someone else's energy, not always good.

Place a few family photos in the bedroom. If you do not have a family yet, but you dream about it, it is useful to place photos of loving couples in the bedroom.

The bedroom is not the place for abuse. It is not recommended to raise the voice in the bedroom and even more so, to use abusive words.

If your problems are related to a career, then the following tips will work for you.

Putting the bag on the floor is a bad omen. So you will never have enough money. For career growth and material prosperity it is necessary to have an aquarium with several goldfish in the house. Do not buy one goldfish, it will not live long, as goldfish are schooling fish, they can only live in a society of their own kind.

Arrange your desktop in such a way,So that you sit with your back to the wall. This situation will not only increase your self-confidence, but also provide additional support from colleagues.

Hang a picture of trees or mountains on the wall of the office or work area of ​​your home.

Always keep all your papers in order andDocuments, regularly delete unnecessary things and clean up your desktop. On the desktop, it is also useful to have a ringing bell, which is recommended to call every time you have difficulties.

If you have problems with money, try the following methods.

Get a money tree, this plant brings money to the house.

To ensure that the money does not go away, like water, you should not have current cranes, the sewage system must be in good order.

Under the threshold of the house it is useful to put a few coins.

Collect the garbage immediately carried, do not keep it at home, it negatively affects your well-being.

Throw out old clothes, unnecessary trash, clogging up your housing.

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