/ The best successful days of March

The best successful days of March

Even if you do not have a mustache-striped,Caress the yardy redhead. Scientists have proven that communication with cats reduces blood pressure, relieves migraines and relieves stress. On this day, diets, exercise and rejuvenating procedures are especially effective. The best successful days of March are focused precisely on the first days of the spring month.


A great day for romantic meetings andMarriages. The union concluded today will be long, love will never fade in it. It's better to spend an evening alone with a loved one. Do not damage dry wine and Cahors, seafood and even sweets. However, control the emotions and do not be tempted, the passion on the side is not excluded.


The symbol of these lunar days is a mirror. The whole world today seems to reflect our true nature. If you hear something good in your address - rejoice, it's true. Well, take a constructive criticism: think about how to get rid of shortcomings. If possible, give up alcohol and smoking. Prefer meat and nuts and beans. Effective massage, nourishing face masks and compresses.


Take time for yourself on this day of March. Listen to the inner voice, analyze your thoughts and actions, get rid of illusory fantasies. Recommended simple food: cereals and vegetables. Cleaning procedures are useful. If they planned to do a house cleaning in the house, today is just the right day. This day is one of the best days of March.


The 20th lunar day of March is the time of taking importantSolutions. The energy of these days gives us strength to solve the most difficult problems. Cast aside doubts, and luck will smile at you. Favor fast, it's good to arrange a day off. Abstinence from meat is recommended. Watch out for pressure - its possible changes.


The best successful days of March for the aggravationContacts, fun and emancipation. Friendly atmosphere, cozy atmosphere, heart-to-heart talks - all this has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Give preference to healthy protein foods - meat and fish dishes, dairy products, nuts. But from alcohol refrain: today the load on the liver is contraindicated.


The symbol of 22 lunar days in March is a book. The day is ideal for mastering new knowledge, spiritual growth, awareness of your role in life. Today intuition will help to find fresh solutions to old problems. Menu of the day: dairy products, fish, vegetables. Aromatherapy, meditation and yoga are beneficial.


Avoid conflicts, do not give in to anger andOther destructive emotions. However, today it is easy to do this. After all, on International Women's Day, all the worries lie on the shoulders of men (ideally!), And the ladies are left to receive gifts, flowers, congratulations and declarations of love! So a great mood is guaranteed. It is recommended to refrain from meat food, replacing it with vegetables, cottage cheese, fruit and sweets.


March day is favorable for a new deviceWork and advancement on a career ladder. This time for non-standard solutions and new approaches. Diligence and perseverance will be rewarded. However, beware of lies and flattery - they can spoil the whole thing. Walking in the fresh air, swimming and playing sports are desirable. Exclude from the menu sharp and fatty dishes.


Today, sexual energy is strongly manifested,Do not give up the joy of intimate communication. One of the best days for conception. Everything started today is programmed for success. It's time to take on great things. Strength exercises and active creative work will be useful.


These lunar days are the best successful days of MarchAre unfavorable for active work. Better if possible, stay at home and do business. Communicate only with those people who like you. Recommended rest and fasting. The main food of this day is fish, greens, potatoes. Wraps, masks and massages will be useful.


The 27th day of the moon is connected with water and seaTravel. Visit the sauna, bath or swimming pool. Effective are any water procedures: swimming, grinding, Charcot's shower, aromatic. Be attentive to your dreams - they can reveal the true essence of things, surrounding people and current events.


The symbol of this day is the lotus. Day of contemplation, spiritual insight, finding harmony. Avoid taking decisive decisions (marriage, change of residence, etc.). Today it's good to plant plants and sow good thoughts, but you can not cut and cut trees, tear and even give flowers. Take care of your eyesight, watch the pressure.


The power of the best days of March is difficult. Do not start or plan new things, cancel important meetings. Drive away bad thoughts. It is better to go to the planetarium to enjoy the stars and galaxies, because today is the International Day of Planetarians. Diet of the day - pastries, pies, pancakes. In the evening it is recommended to light a lamp, a candle or an aroma lamp. Before going to bed, foot baths with rosemary oil and tea tree are useful.


Day of March for summing up, completionOld cases, the return of debts. Give up the bustle, enjoy life, give people joy. Food should be easy, give preference to cereals and vegetables. Favorable procedures for rejuvenating facial skin, regenerating masks and algal wraps.


Arrange a fasting day or sit on a mono-diet (for example, porridge on the water without salt and oil). On this day it is good to start a new cycle of physical exercises and start learning new knowledge.


The symbol of this day in March is the leopard. The period of active struggle, action and aggression. Do not give in to negative emotions, pride and jealousy. Establish business contacts, go in for sports, do spring cleaning. Effective anti-aging procedures, mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage.


Day of solitude and passivity. Take care of household chores, surround yourself with comfort. Do not rush to make decisions. Favorable are chocolate wraps, thalassotherapy, Ayurvedic massage. Diet of the day: light vegetable food, pastries, sweets.


Actively show your emotions and feelings. It would be good to part with the superfluous things and say goodbye to the unpleasant people in your surroundings. Milk and cottage cheese are preferred in the diet, and meat food is undesirable. In the evening, take a soothing bath with orange tree oil.


Day of spring equinox. Do ordinary things, equip the house and do not grumble at life. Listen to your intuition: you can get spiritual insight and understand the purpose of your life. Abstain from animal food, give preference to natural products. Effective anti-aging treatments.


Luck will please those who have charted themselvesPurpose and slowly, but relentlessly, go to her. Today, do not stay alone, pay attention to friends and family. You can have fun, relax, drink some wine.


The day is good for cleansing the soul and body. Time to get rid of illusions and to realize responsibility for each of your actions. Analyze relationships with other people and forgive the abusers. The reward will be peace of mind and a sense of harmony. Recommended therapeutic fasting or diet, as well as any cleaning procedures. Effective lymphatic drainage and steam baths.


The symbol of the ninth lunar day is a bat. On this unfavorable day, anxieties, fears, gloomy thoughts can be pursued. Be wary of deception and all sorts of temptations. Avoid casual acquaintances and limit business activity. Do not take and do not give money in debt. Refrain from alcohol, fatty and spicy foods. It is recommended to use a contrast shower and salt foot baths.


Day of March for active rest. Direct energy to strengthen relations in the family, the improvement of the home. Avoid any conflicts with relatives and colleagues. Evening dedicate to walking in the fresh air, rest by the water. Useful sauna, massage, stone therapy.


Do not plan for these best days of MarchImportant meetings and responsible events. It is better to do things that do not require much intellectual or physical stress. Effective procedures for hair restoration and intensive fitness classes.


Today it is impossible to quarrel - it will be extremely difficult to reconcile later. Recommended therapeutic and cosmetic procedures, but not surgery. Adhere to a sparing diet, eliminate alcohol.


International Day in March theater. Go to the theater in the company of a pleasant companion or girlfriends. Relaxing baths and massage are helpful. Diet of the day - protein: meat, fish, nuts, eggs.


The day is ideal for visiting the sauna, peeling, cryotherapy, restoring face and body facial masks. Menu of the day: juices, vegetable salads, dairy products, fruit, bread. It is not recommended to starve.


The day is good for starting an important business. Physical work is useful. Nuts and salty foods are preferred in the menu, but sweets should not be taken for granted. The risk of a cold is high.


The full moon at many people causes inexplicableAnxiety and excitement. If you are one of them, take a warm bath with 0.5 liters of milk and 0.5 liters of chamomile. This will help relax and relieve tension, and milk with chamomile will make the skin soft and gentle. Before going to bed it is useful to drink a glass of milk with honey. Surgical interventions are undesirable.


Clean, bright, calm day of March. Its symbol is a butterfly or a dove. Try to be in a state of harmony and balance, even if someone insulted or offended you. The day is favorable for any actions related to cleansing. But excessive activity at work will not bring a positive result. The optimal diet: fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, eggs and dairy products.

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