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Influence of solar radiation on the quality of rest

Man, as is known, appeared as a result ofEvolutionary process in warm regions, where the total amount of solar radiation is quite large. Undoubtedly, the sun's rays in moderate doses on contact with the skin have only a positive effect on human health and contribute to a significant improvement in the quality of recreation. The effect of solar radiation on a person is to stimulate many important metabolic processes, to activate the body's defenses, to improve adaptation to specific environmental conditions. When exposed to sunlight on our skin, it forms vitamin D, which provides a normal regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body and prevents the development of such a dangerous disease as rickets. The dark skin color of the indigenous population of Africa is a kind of protection from excessive sun radiation, and the light skin of the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, on the contrary, is adapted to capture more ultraviolet rays (since in the northern latitudes the surface of the earth receives less solar radiation).

As already noted, the sun's rays not onlyDo not pose a particular danger to humans, but also contribute to improving the quality of their rest, having a positive effect on many systems of organs of our body. However, this does not mean that solar radiation is a completely innocuous thing. For example, strong illumination, which affects our visual organs with prolonged concentration of the sight of the bright sun, can lead to the destruction of the visual pigment and cause a deterioration of vision. At high altitudes, there is an increased exposure to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, if you are going to spend your vacation skiing in the mountains, then you definitely need protective glasses that will protect your eyes from the negative effects of solar radiation.

In addition, with a long stay on the openAir on a hot summer day, there is a danger of getting a sunstroke. To prevent the onset of this condition, you must wear a hat - panama, cap or light kerchief.

In rare cases, people may have anotherPathological reaction of the body when exposed to solar radiation. In this case, even with a brief and insignificant hit on the skin of the sun's rays, there is a rash on the skin, severe itching, dizziness and headaches. It is clear that for people with similar pathological reactions uncontrolled exposure to solar radiation can significantly worsen the well-being, let alone that the quality of rest in this case will inevitably decrease.

Thus, the influence of solar radiation canHow tangibly improve, and worsen the quality of your holiday during your vacation. Spending your free time in the open space, do not forget to pay attention to the intensity of solar radiation at the moment. If you decide to take a sun bath, it is best for this procedure to choose the morning or evening hours (at this time, solar radiation will not have a harmful effect on health).

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