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Choosing a TV is a means of entertainment

Life without TV can hardly be imagined todayimagine. Even if you for ideological reasons refused TV, which, unfortunately, increasingly presents negative information, then you want to see a good movie and get a charge of positive emotions always! A modern TV is not just a window into the world. It allows you to become a participant in the events shown.

From multimedia to stereo

Of course, buying this is expensive and choosingTV - means of entertainment bears in itself the initial comprehension. Therefore, when making a choice, it is important to be aware of what functions the desired device should have, and also to correlate its dimensions with the scales of your room - after all, the diagonal of the screen and the distance from it to the sofa should have a ratio of 1: 3, otherwise there will be no problems With vision. Is it enough for you to have a TV that "just shows well," or do you need a modern multimedia center that allows you to surf the Internet, listen to music, view photos in slideshow mode, enjoy video games? Modern TVs combine all these fantastic possibilities! Or maybe you need a home theater with the ability to view three-dimensional images? What previously we could see only in special cinemas, today is available in a spacious home room. However, for a home theater in addition to the TV you will need to buy more and a DVD player, receiver and speakers.

How will we choose?

To get acquainted with the main consumerThe criteria for choosing a TV - entertainment facilities (screen diagonal, dimensions, technical capabilities and price / performance ratio) can be on the Internet, but you must buy the chosen model in the electronics salon. And not because there is no confidence in Internet commerce: it's better to see the quality of the image with your own eyes, and the sound is heard with your ears.

Image and main indicators when selectingTV - entertainment - brightness and contrast - should suit you with the standard factory settings. Your eyes should be comfortable, and this is the only true criterion. Manually display the brightness and contrast to a maximum, then to a minimum - this will tell you about the capabilities of the TV more than the numbers in the technical passport. Remember: sometimes manufacturers use different methods of measuring brightness and contrast, so these indicators are very relative. Believe your eyes! Paints should be natural, not poisonous. Grab a video from your house with a record of your apartment or something that you are familiar with: the color distortion will immediately be obvious. If you see small disturbances or pixels on the TV screen, refuse to buy.

TV Sound
You can also check with a cassette with a recordNoise of leaves and rain, splashing of waves. The sound should be clear and expressive. With bad speakers you will hear "sound porridge". Output the sound to the maximum mark: even at maximum bass, low frequencies should not cause a rattling.

Screen resolution when selecting a TV -Means for entertainment - a measure of clarity, it must be at least 1920x1080. High-definition image is supported by Full HD and HD-ready formats and gives the plot dynamics, a sense of reality and even three-dimensionality of what is happening. The picture acquires volume-as if overcomes the boundaries of the screen, and the viewer becomes a participant in the events.

Selecting a manufacturer and choosing a TV - meansFor entertainment - this is partly a matter of personal predilections. People have different preferences for brands and producing countries. The world's leading manufacturers of TVs are: Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba. Do not be alarmed that China is assembling the German TV: many world brands have switched to the Chinese assembly, and this does not mean faking.

Design, of course, has an important role, becauseTV is also a detail of the interior. The most fashionable today ultra-thin TVs, for example from LG or Philips, having a depth of 2.9 cm, can not only be placed on a pedestal, but also hung on the wall as a picture. Take the TV that you personally checked, not the one that you carried in the package! The choice of televisions - the means for entertainment is the main factor in its duration and future functionality.

Look to the future!

Coming digital TV. Ukrainian television should soon switch to digital broadcasting. Want to buy a new TV? It is better to immediately acquire a model that supports DVB-T with the MPEG-4 compression standard. Either to the old TV will have to buy a prefix that encodes a digital signal into an analog one.

The boom of television. The UK is currently experiencing a boom in three-dimensional television. In each supermarket you can take for free paper stereoscopic glasses with celluloid glass and enjoy TV and movies with stereoscopic images, which are shown in prime time.

Stereo format at home
. Thanks to the Japanese novelty Panasonic VERA,Which appeared on sale in early 2010, you can arrange a stereo cinema theater just at home. Now with the help of special glasses with light filters you can watch 30-video films: each frame for the right and left eyes is output sequentially, due to which the effect of three-dimensionality of the image appears. The design of glasses allows them to be worn by both adults and children.

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