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Home and beautiful "bird kingdom"

These birds are rather unpretentious. Buy a cage more spacious, put it away from drafts, fill it with special sand - the bird house is ready! It remains only to clean it once in two days and do not forget to water and feed the feathered friend. With feeds, by the way, there are no problems: in pet stores are sold special mixtures consisting of millet seeds, oats, rapeseed and sunflower. Here in general terms and all care. It remains only to decide which bird from the home and beautiful "bird kingdom" to acquire.

Exotic amadin
- one of the representatives of the "bird kingdom" TheseBeautiful miniature creatures live in Australia, Africa and South Asia. They were brought to Europe by sailors. Nowadays, amadins are one of the most common ornamental birds. Among them are the amadin (with a thick massive beak) and the astralds (their beak is thinner and more elegant). The song of the male amadin and the astralds is quiet, but melodic and pleasant. And some not only sing, but also ... dance: the male is stretched or inflated, ruffles feathers, jumps around the female, making all kinds of pa. By the way, astralds and amadins are peaceful birds: they perfectly coexist with each other. In the cage you can collect a whole multicolored company.

To the inhabitants
Home and beautiful "bird kingdom"And includes a wavy parrot. Once the wavy parrots contained exclusively know and exclusively in silver cells and ivory cells. Birds were even hired by special teachers who taught them "speech lessons" every day. Now, in order to "talk" the parrot, the teacher does not need to be invited. You can quite become it yourself. In addition, it is noted that these birds are best perceived by female and child voices, which are cleaner and higher in comparison with males. Talk with them more often in an even, calm tone, and your bird will quickly speak! Males in this sense are more diligent than females, and often have a solid vocabulary - up to a hundred words. By the way, parrots can perfectly copy birds and pets. It's very funny when a parrot sings like a canary, or barks like a dog.

Its "bird kingdom"
Can also be varied with a holo-canary. Its name is again obliged to the overseas countries - the Canary Islands, where it was seen and heard by Spanish and Portuguese navigators. The canary so bewitched them with her singing that the sailors took a few birds with them. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries canaries were a rarity in Europe. They were only given to monarchs. Only two centuries later, this homely and beautiful bird canary became available to mere mortals. Where did not you keep these birds! You can not believe it, but even ... in the mines. It turned out that the canaries sensitively grasp the smell of gas, so as soon as the bird became "bad," people immediately left the mine. Now canaries are acquired solely because of their singing abilities. Specialists estimated that in the song canaries, or rather kenar (they are sung by males), up to fifteen kinds of trills! True, not all cenari are congenital singers. Many need to be trained. For this, a young bird is planted to a more experienced one or includes phonograms with canary singing.

If you open
Have a small living place and get itHome and beautiful "bird kingdom", then certainly you will not regret. You will see how it only relaxes, how nice it is to come home from work, to see how happy you are, and you can even chat. Fun and pleasant.

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