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What rules will help ensure a full sleep

First of all, pay attention to theDuration of your sleep. For an adult, an acceptable physiological norm, capable of providing a full recovery of body strength, is estimated to be about 7-8 hours. However, this indicator is somewhat individual and can vary both in smaller and larger directions.

Secondly, answer yourself to the question: What time do you usually go to bed? Until midnight or after? If you are a fan of watching TV programs that are broadcast at a very late time, try to follow such a simple rule: you should sleep at least half an hour before midnight. Such a change in the regime of the day will help to ensure you a more complete rest, since sleep until midnight is considered more beneficial to the body than at night.

Third, another rule that is desirableWhenever possible to realize every day: stroll before going to sleep in the fresh air. Saturation of our blood with oxygen during a walk provides redox reactions that occur in our body during sleep. These reactions promote the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which will be consumed in the daytime to generate the energy needed for a wide variety of physiological processes. If you are too tired to such an extent that you do not even have the strength to walk along the nearest park or square, then at least try to ventilate the sleeping room before going to sleep. This procedure will help to ensure sufficient oxygen in the room, which is very important for a full sleep.

Fourthly, the great lover of roomPlants should always follow this rule: in a dormitory there should not be an excess of plants. What are the consequences of violation of this rule? Many women, recalling the school course of botany, reason approximately like this: plants secrete oxygen in the process of photosynthesis, so the more bedroom in every possible vegetation, the more there will be the oxygen content in the air. Indeed, plants produce oxygen, but this process of photosynthesis occurs only in the light. But at night, in the absence of lighting, these same plants will intensively absorb oxygen from the air to ensure oxidative processes in the cells of their body. Therefore, after a dream in such a room it is unlikely that you will be able to fully relax, most likely in the morning you will feel a sense of fatigue and a headache. Still - because you will develop signs of oxygen starvation ...

Fifth, to ensure a full sleep will helpOptimal temperature in the bedroom. Do not go to bed in too hot a room, because in this case you are waiting for an inferior sleep. It is best to ensure the presence of a bit of cool air in the bedroom (this can easily be achieved by briefly ventilating the room before going to bed). And if you want to achieve some hardening effect, you can try to leave an open window for the whole night. However, such procedures should begin in the warm season. In the future, with good quenching, you can leave an open window, even in cool weather.

All of the above rules will help ensure you a full sleep and a quick recovery of efficiency.

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