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A reasonable economy for a modern woman

Well, we live in a very material world, and,then our material dreams also deserve attention and respect. There is nothing shameful in that our fantasies often go down to the everyday level (to some leather sofa or mobile phone). Many women have similar or identical dreams, but each goes to their own way. Take, for example, the notorious fur coat.

Path number 1. Tighten the belt

To purchase this coveted objectwardrobe, Masha reduced her expenses to a minimum. She courageously abandoned her favorite smoked sausage, 5 times she made the same tea bag, kept the phone only for incoming calls (not to pay for mobile communication), but was glad that day by day approached her furry dream. Here she has saved up for one sleeve, here on the second ... To speed up the process, Masha stopped eating and traveling by public transport. And I also replaced in the chandelier a hundred-watt light bulbs for forty (in order to reduce the power consumption and, accordingly, the fee) and refused to pay for the intercom, which she immediately turned off. All the savings Masha put in a special envelope with the inscription: "fur coat", which she hid in the linen closet. After 3 years of deprivation (forced "diet", sitting in the shadows, grueling walks and vacations in the country six-hundred square meters), Masha bought a fur coat. Fortunately there was no limit, especially if you take into account that the sausage was returned to the machine table, a 100-watt light bulb, a doorphone, and the mobile phone was allowed to work not only to receive calls. And thus there are no debts and credit obligations! Plus, an unexpected pleasant "bonus": when Masha stomped on foot, then to work, then home, she was spotted by a young man walking around in a park dog. For several months he was going to the spirit and finally came to get acquainted. Now they live in the car apartment, they rent the second, save on everything, they often have dinner with their parents, and in their linen closet they have two still rather thin envelopes: "wedding and car."

If you thought
: "What a horror!", It's in vain. There are more horrific stories. For example, such when saving not temporarily, not for some purpose, but just so that you do not spend "extra" money. Psychologists believe that an excessively rational attitude to money and reasonable savings for a modern woman can not be considered absolutely healthy, especially if it suppresses your dreams and desires. And if you go this way, you can imperceptibly completely subordinate your life to the philosophy of skopidomstvo. However, no one says that a reasonable saving for a modern woman is a vicious trait. Moreover, since the crisis broke out, it has become fashionable to live in a saving mode. Even the "stars" brag about where and on what they managed to cut spending. Here are the most fashionable ways to achieve reasonable savings for a modern woman.

To rent

Hollywood celebrities do not buy clothes andjewelry, to once walk in them on the red carpet, and borrow for a while at fashion houses. By the way, we still have rental offices. So, deciding to go on a trip, do not worry about the high cost of equipment: tents, sleeping bags and backpacks for a small amount can be taken for temporary use.

Sell ​​junk

Auctions, on which items andpieces of furniture from "star" wardrobes and houses, for example, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor or Britney Spears, have become more popular in recent years. And what do you do with old sheepskin coats, sofas and obsolete household appliances? Correctly, throw it away, give it to friends or take it to the dacha. Meanwhile, if you do not overstate prices and act on the principle of "with a skinny sheep at least a wool clone," then you can find buyers for all your b / u good. Get rich, of course, you will not get rich, but some contribution to the family budget will be made, and the dacha will not have to litter the remains of the former "luxury."

Enjoy free

Of course, if you are not Julia Roberts, thenCount on the fact that you are free to settle in the presidential number of the superintendent only for the mention in the leaflet: "Here stopped the Pretty Woman, was satisfied", it is not necessary. But, fortunately, there is something free in this world for ordinary people. For example, software: almost all computer programs have free analogs. You can save on long distance and international calls, communicating on a worthless skype. Do not forget also about state libraries, charity concerts, municipal holidays and that every night on the night of May 18, many museums open their doors to visitors completely free.

Maintain a subsistence economy

So does even the first lady of the United States, who broke herThe White House is a vegetable garden. And the worse our women? Grow dill with parsley in a pot on the window today, even fashionable. And all winter - its own free and fresh herbs (the cost of seeds for 2 hryvnia per bag does not count).

All this, in your opinion, is trifles? May be so. But if you put together the savings saved with such tricks of the hryvnia, you can get a very substantial amount of reasonable savings for a modern woman.

Way number 2. Increase incomes

Oksana - not one of those who will wear out offashion shoes or sit on bread and water for the sake of buying something. Her active nature is much easier to earn the missing amount than to save, denying herself the pleasures, and even more so in the most necessary. Therefore, looking at the catalog of fur products, Oksana thought about how to make her money to raise money for the model that was attracted to her: "I'll take an additional training hour, as suggested by the directress, I will find a couple more students for private classes and so be it - agree to lead a circle in neighboring paid lyceum ". Oksana estimated the amount of potential income: it turned out that she would become the owner of the pretty coat from the Mouton just in time for the next winter. Her arrangement was arranged, and she began to look for a piece of paper with the telephone number of the head teacher of the Lyceum, who recently called with a proposal for work.

This way is convenient for those women who workpiecemeal - you can linger in the service until midnight or take things to the house. If you sit on the salary, you can ask for an increase, moving to a higher-paying position, earning part-time jobs. In addition, around the whole world, giving many options for additional earnings and chances for a reasonable economy for a modern woman.

In the evenings, weekends and on holidays you can findan occupation that will bring additional income, and in turn, a reasonable saving for a modern woman. Freelancers around the world are becoming more and their incomes are constantly growing. Just do not get involved in dubious financial scams and do not believe those who promise you quick and easy enrichment (remember, for example, how many people burned out on financial pyramids).

There is another danger
, lying in wait for those who are ready for a dreamto work tirelessly. This - workaholism, burdened by the syndrome of emotional burnout. It is difficult for women with such a diagnosis to get pleasure from what has been achieved, the dream bought does not cause delight, and in general there are no emotions. And it turns out: the result is, and there is no feeling of happiness. That is why it is so important to be able to stop periodically in pursuit of material prosperity and celebrate intermediate victories. Live today, not just future plans. And always remember for what you are making money.

Way number 3. To borrow

Faith has always been an impulsive woman: as soon as she got a job in a prestigious firm, immediately began to complete the "proper" wardrobe. And immediately realized that he did not have enough fur coat: "Walking on SUCH work in a down jacket is unacceptable, you need a real fur!" No sooner said than done. Vera took a friend of 2,5 thousand euros for future salary and went to a fur coat tour to Greece. The day was spent on selecting a sheepskin coat (a mink for 1800). Two more days Vera spent at the resort of Chalkidiki, admiring the Aegean Sea and visiting local attractions, and on her return started her new work duties. It was warm and pleasant to go to work in a new burrow.

In this story, a rational approachto life, including money and material values, a reasonable saving for a modern woman. What a person wants, he receives immediately, and only then he pays for it: he picks up the work, resumes the money, and he economizes - to whom it's easier. And it is the idea that the goal has already been achieved, just warms and sustains: it increases self-esteem and helps to work hard or bravely to sit on a diet, saving on expensive products.

Motivated work
is always more effective, and the correspondingrestrictions are much easier to transfer, because monthly payments on the loan - an excellent deterrent. But for those who want everything at once, there are a number of dangers: do not pull the load, tear yourself and / or become a chronic debtor. So try to still measure your opportunities with spending. By the way, sometimes uncontrolled waste and dreams are caused by subconscious fear of the woman's future. A psychotherapist will help him to cope with this woman.

Path number 4. Get a gift

Inna almost never heard of refusals fromtheir parents, and all of its material needs, including expensive ones, were met on demand. It is only natural that when choosing a partner, she paid much attention to how much a man is willing to fork out for her. In particular, she began to remind me of any significant holidays during the month and every time she asked playfully: "What will you give me?" Someone from the gentlemen was sifted out at once ("She only needs money from me!"), Someone surrendered in a few months, without suffering a heavy burden. But once the next boyfriend of the traditional test-provocative question Inna: "What will you give me on March 8?" answered the question: "What do you want?" - "Shubka", - she smiled sweetly, she chirped. "There are no problems," Romeo readily responded, and on the eighth day at noon Inna was already trying on an exquisite superfashionable product from the fur of a wild cat with leather inserts and accessories with Swarovski crystals.

This story surely you liked, if youbelieve in the narcotic power of love, in tales of Cinderellas and noble princes and in the fact that fantasy can become a reality. However, being of sound mind, it is not necessary to particularly hope that the solution of all your material problems will once and for all become some amazingly generous and disinterested man. Occasionally, of course, such people are found, but they often have to pay dearly for men's generosity: they tolerate rudeness, listen to reproaches, forgive treason ... And this is all humiliating, as well as, for that matter, female extortion. Believe me, from an ethical point of view, begging for gifts (money) looks, to put it mildly, not in the best way. Whom it was sent to: the lover or his own parents.

But even if you do not take
in the calculation of the moral and ethical side of the problem,the picture looms disturbing. When a person voluntarily refuses to realize his dream on his own and tries by any means to make someone else an instrument for achieving his goals, one can safely talk about his immaturity and even infantilism. In today's world with its economic structure, paid work is the main advantage and the exclusive right of an adult, and you yourself refuse it, as well as from a social test for maturity. You, like a child, ask the "adult" with the help of certain manipulations things that could become your personal achievement. Is it time to grow up, to try your hand at starting to respect yourself?

Path number 5. Make it yourself

Marina sewn well, and the best of her outfits wereman-made origin. However, the idea of ​​tailoring a fur coat from a ready-made fur did not occur to her until she read an advertisement on the Internet about the sale of colored rabbit skins. The price for them was comparable to the store price of a coat fabric, and Marina decided. It took a long time to mess around, because there was no skill in working with fur, but the jacket turned out - a feast for the eyes. Moreover, from the scraps it was possible to make a nice cap for the daughter and to trim the scarf with fur bells. Success inspired the Marina, and she decided to sew the next fur coat from more expensive fur. Then, orders from friends and acquaintances rained down, Marina left office work, hired two female assistants and organized a small atelier, which gives a stable income.

The Man-Made Path to the Dream
- the most natural and ancient way of sensiblesavings for a modern woman. At the dawn of civilization, the others simply did not exist: you want a loin dressing warmer - you want a new tuesok to collect berries and roots - weave ... But since mankind invented money, to make with our own hands what we need or would like to have , it became optional. Often it is easier to buy a finished item and not to fool around. However, the psychotype of a person who creates a dream with his own hands from the first stitch (nuts, planks, nakleechki ...), just different from the psychotype of a lover of ready joys in that he wants to fool. He likes to pick at details, to invent hitherto unprecedented variants of design or cut, to search for special accessories. By the way, it should be clear from this that "do it yourself" is not always a cheap way, and it's not those who want to save on a dream or to find it cheaper not. But the real dream in the representation of needlewomen is both temporary and material costs, because the output is an absolutely unique thing, unique in its kind, thought out to detail and so dear. For women who are creative, do not tolerate replicated ideas, who want to live, to be and look not like everyone else, this is the right way to realize the material dream. For them, the accompanying process of creativity flour is not only sweet, but also necessary for satisfaction with the result and a sense of the fullness of life in general.

Alternative savings

Change. Natural exchange is something that mankind has been doing since ancient times. And since money is excluded from the process, the savings are obtained in pure form. For example, you can read a book and change it on the Internet to another, then to a third and so on. Those wishing to pick up your readership will certainly be found, and you, without paying a penny, read the whole library. The movement of bookcrossing ("traveling" books) is gaining popularity: its participants, after reading the book, leave it in a prominent place, for example, on a seat in a subway car, where it can be taken by anyone.

Cooperate. For example, by agreeing with friends-friends to buy CDs with films "at all", you will save a good amount. For example, this week you buy 2 discs, on the next one - Krasnovs, Belovs buy 2 discs in another week, and at the end of the month the Chernovs do the same, and during this entire period the films go around in a circle. It seems a trifle, but from the calculation that the license disk costs about 40 hryvnia, you will save a month more than two thousand hryvnia.

Cooperative consumption, or sharing is now a fairly fashionable trend, which extends not only to DVDs, but even to cars, equipment and discount cards.

Track discounts

Do not wait for seasonal seasons: many well-known brands hold modern promotions constantly. Follow the modern tariffs of Internet providers, mobile companies and choose the most economical. Going on vacation, pay attention to the newly opened hotels, where prices are always lower. Discount can be up to 30%, and this is an advertising campaign to attract customers. If you go abroad, make a visa more profitable on your own. Have enough patience, and your work to collect documents will pay off: many travel agencies for the opening of the visa take an additional 10-20 euros. And get acquainted with local attractions yourself, and (saving on the cost of excursions), traveling the country on buses and trains that have stops, and in all resort towns. Taxi, for comparison, will cost 5-10 times more expensive.

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