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Delicious foods cooked in a double boiler

A delicious product cooked in a double boiler will also please your guests, because all food has preserved its vitamins.

Compact for beginners
At your choice three types of models - compact,Full-sized solos and embedded. A compact and inexpensive electric steamer the size of a large saucepan is useful in the kitchen as a help if you, only occasionally cook for a couple or just decided to try. The compact models of steamers Moulinex, Braun and others are popular. The design is simple: from below the heating element and the water tank, from the top 1-2 containers for products with steam outlets and a dense lid. Enough to fill about a liter of water, load the ingredients, cover and set the timer at the right time.

Then you can forget about the steamer Minutes for 30-40, depending on the recipe: The unit will notify you with a sound signal that the dish is ready. If desired, you can keep an eye on the process, stirring and turning over the products, adding salt and spices. Only gently open the lid: the temperature of the steam is 100 ° C.
When choosing a compact steamer, pay attention toTo ensure that you have the opportunity to add water during cooking: if there is an external hole, the device does not have to be "disassembled", removing the top container to add water. Preferred model with containers of non-dyeing plastic, which does not leave any traces, for example, from beets and carrots.

Solo-steamer for experienced
The majority of solo-steamers are arranged approximatelyThe same: a "floor" design with a bottom heater, a water tank with a level indicator and an external hopper for topping up, a timer, 3-4 tanks and a universal cover suitable for each of them.
Their principle of operation does not differ from compactAnalogues: the water heats up, the steam envelops and quickly brings the products to the ready. At the same time, solo-steamers are equipped with better compact steamers, are functional and safe to use. Using this design, delicious products cooked in a double boiler will enchant your home and guests.
The most affordable for the model Scarlett, Vitek, Tefal, expensive stand Philips, Bosh, Kenwood, etc.

Luxurious built-in
Embedded models outwardly resemble a microwave oven or an oven - this is a solid and expensive technique.
Built-in steamer does not take up space onTable, has a huge volume, sufficient for cooking dinner for a large family, allows you to use the usual dishes, rather than the trays from the kit. Built-in models are equipped with baking trays for stewing dishes in marinade or filling. They have a maximum of useful functions, and water and electricity consume little more than a solo steamer.

Interesting novelties Appeared at Bosch, Teka and Miele. You will receive a full set of automatic programs - from 75 to 120, touch control, the ability to adjust the steam temperature from 35 to 100C for gentle cooking and preserving the texture of the product, delayed start, heating mode and security system.
For example, the Gaggenau model provides for a fullAutomatic cooking and connection to the drain for self-cleaning, and the new Miele DG 5080 allows you to store your recipes in the device's memory, has the function of reducing the amount of steam: at the end of the cooking process, the steamer opens the door, releases steam, closes automatically.

Relatives of a double boiler
Multivarkers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, cooks - all of them in their design and purpose are closely related to the steam cooker. With their help, you can also boil, stew and bake products.
Rice cook Kenwood rc417. It is intended not only for cooking rice, but also for vegetables. It is completed with a bowl with non-stick coating. Has cooking and heating modes. Disconnected automatically.
Multiwire Panasonic SR-TMH18. The device with a 4.5-liter volumetric pan with non-stick coating and a container-steamer. Suitable for steaming, steaming and baking, and Slow cook for quenching can cope even with hard meat.

Steamer-blender Philips Avent SCF870 / 22. The 2 in 1 device allows you to steamed and grind food in one container in minutes - just turn it upside down and turn on the other mode. Convenient to use. Ideal for cooking baby food.
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