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Wellness effect of the bath

During bathing procedures, the effect of temperatureAnd humidity per person can have different effects - both gentle and sparing, and stimulating or even intense, activating the work of the basic systems of the organs of the body. Since bath procedures are considered available for almost any age and for people with different levels of physical fitness, it can be argued that almost everyone can feel the healing effects of physical factors when visiting the bath.

Improvement of well-being after taking bathsProcedures is due to several components. In general, the health effect, observed when the bath on the human body, has a complex character, since it consists of hygienic, hardening and therapeutic and preventive action. Each of these components can have multiple effects on the functioning of various systems of our body organs, but the effect of these factors on one or another system can be due to a joint influence. For example, water has the properties of a very good solvent for many substances, and due to this its effect on human exposure is in the cleaning and washing action. At the same time, water is a very good heat carrier, and when visiting a bath, it acts as an effective quenching agent. In addition, water compresses can also be used as health-improving pain killers. The above effects of water on the body are also inherent in other health factors characteristic of bath procedures (for example, similar actions with similar response physiological reactions have hot air in the steam room).

Mechanism of the healing effect of the effectBaths are mainly caused by a combination of the use of sharp stimuli, which are high and low temperatures of air and water. The effect of these factors on the body begins with the action of hot water vapor and heated air in the paired compartment on the skin of the body. The high temperature in the steam room helps to open and cleanse all the pores on the surface, remove dirt and dead cells, provide favorable conditions for the development of new skin cells, prevent premature appearance of wrinkles on the skin, retain elasticity, elasticity and shine of the skin. The health effect of the influence of the bath is also due to the fact that there are no disease-causing bacteria in the room of the paired compartment. The protective properties of the skin after taking bath procedures also increase dramatically. The hot air of the steam compartment causes many physiological processes to proceed at a higher rate. The health effect of high temperature exposure is to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, to activate the circulatory system, to increase the supply of blood to the muscles, skin, joints, brain, lungs and all other organs and tissues.

Thus, the effect of the bath on the bodyA person is expressed in a significant health effect. However, in the presence of serious deviations in health before visiting a bath about the advisability of taking all the bath procedures, it is still advisable to consult a doctor.

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