/ How to choose a mattress for a sound sleep?

How to choose a mattress for a sound sleep?

The mattress is bought not for a month, but for many years, that's why, before you go to the mattress store, you should listen to the following tips to choose a mattress for a sound sleep?

1) When choosing a mattress, you need to take into account the ageThe person who will be on it to sleep. It should be borne in mind that the child, up to about 12 years old, is forming the spine. To buy a mattress for a child is not a difficult matter, the most important thing is that the mattress is rigid and does not bend the spine during sleep.

2) Another important detail when choosing a mattress - the weightThe person who will be on it to sleep. The less weight, the softer the mattress is needed. That is, if the weight of a person does not exceed 90 kg, then you can choose a mattress absolutely any, naturally quality. And if the weight is more than 90 kg., You need a mattress with a very rigid spring, and their number should be about 600 pieces per mattress with a size of 140x190 cm. To very large people, whose weight has crossed the mark of 100 kg., You can advise buying a mattress where the springs Not less than 700 pieces 140х190 cm.

3) Before buying a mattress, it needs to be tested. The buyer must make sure that the mattress is comfortable. What is convenient? Any quality mattress should repeat the shape of the human body, thus, the spine is in a natural position. The mattress should be elastic at the place where the hips and shoulders are, and the sacrum and waist are well maintained, thereby ensuring an even distribution of the load. For a sound sleep you need a strong mattress - it's a fact.

Choose a mattress with orthopedic properties?

Orthopedic mattress should be correct and withMind is matched, and this applies to springless and spring models. Spring mattresses come with a block of independent springs, that is, the compression of each spring is carried out separately from the rest, the mattress well takes the form of the body. To choose a mattress is better where there are more springs, as in such mattresses there is a more accurate index of elasticity.

How not to make a mistake when choosing a mattress?

To choose a mattress for yourself you need to know whichYou need a mattress. There are cheap mattresses, which consist of simple springs, which millet are interconnected and covered with foam rubber, or cotton wool. Of course, sleeping on such mattresses is not very convenient, especially with two people, so with the slightest movement of one person, another will necessarily wake up, because the mattress does not bend under the person, and one spring gives resonance to all the rest. The service life of this mattress is no more than 5 years. But here no one can guarantee a sound and magic dream.

There are mattresses with such springs and with a metalFrame on the frame, such can cause injury, they are not recommended for children. You need to be very careful when choosing a mattress, where the natural herbs are based, since they can cause allergic reactions. Just do not think that if there was not an allergy before, the mattress will not cause it. The fact is that a city dweller can not meet within the city with some types of herbs, and will not know that he is allergic to them. Therefore, before buying such a mattress, you need to pass tests for allergic reactions in order to exclude a negative reaction. It is very important when choosing a mattress to consider and in what position you are sleeping, what your weight is, whether you are sleeping alone or with a second half. Everything is important here, so consult with a professional in the store when you are going to choose a mattress, so as not to make a mistake and choose what really suits you.

Do not be afraid to ask, consult, because the right choice of mattress depends on the quality of your sleep.

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