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Learning how to correctly zonate space

Many people often think about the redevelopment of housing. In addition, new apartments are rented without finishing, without internal partitions. Or there are walls, but not where you would like. According to the law, it is impossible to change the bearing structures. Errors in changing the layout often lead to building errors and defects. Therefore, it is first necessary to coordinate the desired changes with different instances. This is not only troublesome, but it can not bring positive results. Therefore, it is better to use those methods that do not require coordination:

Build a drywall wall;

Arrange furniture "face to face";

To introduce into the interior additional architectural elements (column, podium, bay window ...); Put the rack;

Make the floor of materials of different textures.

1. Drywall - surprisingly functional, plastic material. Without it, you can not do in modern interior design. It is not necessary to build a blank wall from it, although it is possible. Most often, small and not too long "half walls" are made from it, which imitate anything you like - bar racks, screens, shelving ... Sometimes they are made of winding or semicircular, which greatly enhances the possibilities of enriching the design. In this case the drywall wall is used to separate the "cabinet with the bed" area from the rest of the area.

2. Face to face (facade to the facade or even in some other sequence) can be put Bulky thingsAnd (as, for example, a desk and a bed), also dividing them with a not very intricate partition - a double-sided shelving or screen ...

3. Columns or podium Help regroup different zonesSpace or even visually move the center of the interior. Of course, the column in the center of the room is a great design risk. But in this case, it does not attract attention to itself, does not pretend to be really a decoration of the room, but plays its own role - the center of the room, from where the zones in different directions diverge. Very decorate the room with elements such as the podium or bay window (it is usually created on the loggia, thereby expanding the room's area, but narrowing the balcony's borders). The podium need not necessarily be high, only at will, but, firstly, at any height and size, it allocates a certain special zone (on it you can place a rest corner or arrange a bedroom, study or dining room area); The rule is also an additional place for storage. For example, in the podium you can clean bedding with mattresses and pillows, fold seasonal clothes or some other things that you will not need for a long time.

4. The most common division of the room - with the help of Racking. If it is deaf, it is followed by an extra room, if a two-sided, elegantly decorated area.

5. Several carpets or carpets Different colors and different textures or a combination, for example, dark parquet, variegated carpet and light laminate will clearly divide the space as you intended.

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