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Proper care of kitchen equipment

The gas stove, in contrast to the electric one,Helps to save electricity. However, the gas cooker emits a poisonous substance during combustion, formaldehyde, and electrical problems do not arise. Regardless of which plate you have, use a special hood above it, which will absorb all combustion products. And make sure that the burners are clean, this will help save energy when cooking.

Learn in the sanitary-epidemiologicalLaboratory of your district, what is contaminated with water in your area, what types of bacteria are there in it. Proceeding from this, choose a means of cleaning and treatment of water.

The latest generation of refrigeratorsSignificantly save energy. Also make sure that the refrigerator is located far from the cooker. Finding this device next to the source of high temperature leads to disruption of its operation and early failure.

To save electricity and more naturalLighting, use fixtures with a color temperature of 2700 to 3000 ° K, preferably full-color fixtures that are closest to sunlight. Hang down fixtures over a sink, stove, and other key places in the kitchen, it is much more useful than lighting the entire kitchen from one point. Pale painted walls and other surfaces will give the kitchen a special sheen, as they will reflect sunlight.

An indispensable attribute of any kitchen tableIs the table top. When choosing it, watch out what material it is made of. It is best if you choose a countertop made of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials: wood, glass, clay, stone, etc. It is desirable that the edges of the tabletop are slightly rounded down for the least accumulation of moisture and dirt in it. With proper care of kitchen equipment, you should give preference to natural cleansers.

The best lockers for the kitchen are those that you haveNow Repeated polishing or restoration will be the best measure to preserve a good ecological atmosphere in your kitchen, because new kitchen furniture made of particleboard or plywood can evaporate carcinogenic formaldehyde. If your furniture is more than 10 years old, then almost certainly it does not evaporate any chemicals.
Vinyl flooring on the floor is very cheap, convenient, easy to use, however it can evaporate harmful chemicals: phthalates, dioxins.
Therefore, it is better to make wooden floors. They will be made of environmentally friendly material and will serve you all your life. A tree is a material that can be periodically restored. It is non-toxic, and things from it create a unique cosiness in the house.
Save energy and reduce the amount of toxins in the most popular room in the house!

When painting walls, choose latex paints based onWater or on the basis of organic low molecular weight compounds, because most common paints include gaseous chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde. They are one of the main sources of air pollution. An alternative to them, especially in the arrangement of the house, should be paints on a natural basis.

Every year they become more and more perfect andMore perfect. Modern dishwashers save 41% more electricity than the previous generation. Using a dishwasher, you will save water, compared to if you were washing dishes with your hands.

Kitchen waste
Instead of throwing food waste intoChute, collect them for compost - a useful fertilizer for the soil. After all, together with waste, you throw out a lot of nutrients that could perfectly fertilize the soil. To avoid unpleasant odors in the apartment, keep compost in the air, for example, on a non-glazed balcony.

Environmentally friendly detergents
To reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the kitchen, replace chemical cleaners with natural ones.
For cleaning surfaces use powders on a natural basis (see the composition on the labels) or soda.
To clean pans and pans, use brushes made of natural fibers, for example, from palm fibers.
To remove scales and old dirt on pots, stove, grill and in the oven, use a special microbial decomposed scraper based on sandpaper.
For pouring into a dishwasher - liquidDetergent based on natural ingredients. If you wash the dishes by hand, use an eco-friendly sponge, for example, a marine sponge. For a thorough washing of vegetables and fruits, use special scrapers made from natural fibers. With their help you can wash dishes.

Eco-friendly cooking
In addition to the fact that for the best ecology of your kitchenYou can replace cleaning products, you also need to buy dishes and some other things that are found in every kitchen, from environmentally friendly materials. Extend the life of your cutting boards. To do this, they must be wiped with a special liquid with a wax content to treat bamboo or wooden surfaces. Using cutting boards, do not cut meat and vegetables on one board. You should have separate boards for: meat; Vegetables; Bakery products.

It's necessary, In order to minimize the multiplication of bacteria. Replace the Teflon-coated cookware with cast iron. According to the research, Teflon contains poisonous chemicals that can lead to cancer. Paper towels are very convenient, but it's better to abandon their application. Use microfibre towels: they better remove impurities. Wipe cleaned dishes with towels made from environmentally friendly materials - linen, cotton. Wipe various surfaces in the kitchen with natural detergents, biodegradable microorganisms. Use special garbage bags.
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