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How to make your home native?

To the exciting colors can be attributed all shadesRed-purple scale, contrasting combinations of saturated different colors (red-green and so on). Such colors are practically not used in living quarters. But if you need to cheer up, a little cheer up, increase your nervous and mental and emotional tone and activate muscle activity, we can not do without them. For example, if you like to sleep, you can make the bathroom red. This will help to cheer up and wake up.

In order to give cheerfulness, supportWork, in this you will help such toning colors - herbal shades of green, deciduous, orange and yellow. The scope of the orange color is very limited. And colors such as green and yellow are good for a children's room and study. Green color helps to concentrate your attention and it is more reasonable to put a green desk in your office.

Blue, blue, green-blue colors Are considered soothing. They are good for indoor use For rest and in bedrooms. When you are building your home,That most colors are sensitive to the material and to the texture, such colors include green, yellow, brown and gray. Let's make an excursion with you on the projected interior.

If you are a busy person, rarely at home, then your home should bring you a sense of comfort. In one of the rooms, and in the hallway you can apply a brown, soft color.

Dining room Better color in Green or yellow. This will help harmonious communication and willImprove appetite, because the living room is a portrait of the owners. Experts advise, people who are oppressed by domestic problems, painted in yellow the walls. Who hardly overcome depression, then in the design of the living room you can use some details of red color. If people are unbalanced, nervous, then they can give preference to the blue color. Different shades of green in their living room will want to see nature lovers.

Children's It is best to make out taking into account the nature and temperament of your children. If the children are quiet, then you can use the design of the room All shades of different colors, It will be fun. And if the children are sometimes uncontrollable, very mobile, then to decorate the room you can use green, blue and yellow colors. They balance them a little. If your daughter or son is tormented by any fears, repaint their rooms in blue or in soft pink.

Bedroom Should people adjust to sleep and this problem is very well cope shades of green and blue.

Bath may be Not only white, but also yellow, green or orange. Orange and green color In the bath can be used, If the bathroom does not have windows.

According to experts, that a person is wellFeels himself in that environment, which repeats the inner qualities of man and is a "portrait" of his soul. The colors that people prefer are related to upbringing and geographical conditions. It has become very popular recently and becomes natural, when the interior is included in the environment. In public buildings, there are many greenery, fountains beaten, large glass walls include the environment in the interior.

Before you start building your ownAt home, try to listen to yourself. In which room will you be comfortable and cozy, what do you like most? We can offer you modern approaches to interior design, there are two of them.

"Natural" approach.
When you love everything natural, natural. Enter into your interior such natural materials as: unpainted wood, brick, tapestries, ceramics. Ceilings are best made light, the walls need to be made a little darker, and the floor should be dark in color. The total range of color should be medium-wave, low-saturated, soft.

"Anti-natural" approach,
If you prefer, instead of natural,Artificial, it is possible to use plastic, steel tile, enamel coatings, relic floors, glazed ceramics, furniture standing on chrome-plated pipes. You then will not be confused by the black ceiling and white floor, large spots of red, blue.

How to make a home more familiar by following these tips, you can make your home cozy and comfortable

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