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The Canary parish in Spain is

As soon as it comes to the Canaries, in memoryInvoluntarily spinning anecdotes about the "new Russians". After all, even the very name of the archipelago became widely known only with the appearance of rich people in the country. One might think that they almost discovered the charm of these fertile lands. No matter how it is!

Canary Islands - the most popular holiday destinationAnd one of the oldest resort areas in the world. There is a soft, comfortable weather all year round: in the summer, the breeze from the ocean does not let out a sweltering heat, and the proximity of the Sahara Desert (up to Africa only 115 km) makes the winter warm and without rainy weather. The average annual temperature on the ocean coast is +22 degrees. That is why the archipelago is called the islands of eternal spring. And also - happy islands. They were mentioned, described or tried to find many ancient authors: Herodotus, Pliny, Ptolemy, Horace, Virgil. Then many expeditions were equipped, which finally managed to discover the mythical lands behind the Pillars of Hercules. Later the whole archipelago was given the name "Canary", it is believed, because of the abundance of dogs (in Latin) on the island, now called Gran Canaria. Although there is another version. Controversy is still going on: whether these islands are named after the canary birds, or, conversely, bright yellow singers brought to Europe in the 16th century from Canar, were named after the places where they were caught.

From the sparkling caldera of Teide ...

Of the seven islands of the archipelago for "newRussian ", according to the guide, the most attractive are Tenerife and Gran Canaria. And after half an hour of a trip on the first of them mentally admit: "Yes, the" rich Buratina "obviously lip is not stupid ... The place is just fabulous." Of course, gentle waves of the ocean, chic beaches and hotels on the coast, drowning in flowers and lush tropical vegetation - all this is there. And that's fine. However, similar beauty pleases tourists and at many other resorts of the world. Canary Islands are unusual in that a huge part of their territory is covered with petrified lava. It is not known whether it was actually here, as Plato believed, the ancient Atlantis, but the volcanic origin of the islands is beyond doubt. The Canarian landscape is intertwined bands of petrified lava stretching for many kilometers .. And the spectacle, believe me, is amazing. In Tenerife, from anywhere you can see the volcanic mountain Teide - the highest (3,718 m) peak of Spain.

To rise to the very muzzle, or to the "caldera" (inTranslation - "boiler") can be on the lift, which works virtually all year round. To the very ski lift most tourists get on the excursion bus. But there are real conquerors of Teide, who climb here on foot for two days. The territory of the caldera is a geological museum. The road winds along the red sandy slope, between huge lava flows. It is strictly forbidden to collect any samples of plants and minerals.

Another world-famous landmarkTenerife - Loro Park, where the best representatives of fauna from all over the world live. He is in Puerto de la Cruz, a town that - imagine? - is the twin city of our St. Petersburg! And it all began with the Frenchman Betancourt - the first conqueror Canar hired by the Spaniards. Becoming a local viceroy, he acquired so many offspring that his name became the most common in the Canaries. Its most famous representative is engineer and scientist Augustin Betancourt. A native of Puerto de la Cruz, he devoted his life to Russia. At the beginning of the XIX century, he became a Lieutenant-General in the service of our country and until the end of his days worked for her welfare. They reconstructed the Tula Arms Factory, designed a guest yard for the Nizhny Novgorod fair, and laid the first highway in Russia Petersburg-Moscow.

... Up to the gold dunes of Maspalomas.

The most inhabited of the islands of the archipelago -Gran Canaria - although "dog name", it seems, too, there is no reason to complain about life. Its numerous beaches, covered with golden fine sand, attract vacationers all year round. Especially inimitable Mas-palomas with its 250 hectares of dunes near the water and hidden among the steep cliffs beach of Guigui.

The island is full of casinos, nightlyDiscos, bars and other places of entertainment. And for young people this is the best place "to be drawn to the full program." As, however, for very wealthy elderly people - fans of golf. In Gran Canaria in its time was equipped with the first field for fans of this sport. Then they built a chic golf club and specially equipped expensive hotels. The fact is that the landscape of the island is the best suited to attract golf lovers. And people who are rich play it, as you know. So on the Gran Canaria there were even zones of "milioneeros". On the island, not only entertainment for every taste, but nature itself. It has created it completely unique: all climatic zones are represented here, therefore it is called the "continent in miniature".

Once there was an artist alone.

Landscapes of Lanzarote on reality are similar. But only on this, the most amazing and exotic of all the seven islands, one can fully imagine what the "archipelago of volcanic origin" means. The first sensation is not the planet Earth! Somewhere we were very far from the "blue ball". Neither a tree, nor a blade of grass - a black, frozen, frozen lava ... The effect is reinforced by abstract designs that are made from multicolored pins, pads and balls, spinning at the breeze of the wind. They meet at any crossroads. And invented and created their famous artist Cesar Manrique. After studying in Madrid, he lived in America for a long time. Was in a friendly relationship with Picasso, Andy Warhol, worked with Gaudi, arranged exhibitions in the most prestigious halls of the planet. And suddenly, at the peak of his fame, he returned to his homeland, Lanzarote, to turn it into one of the most attractive places for tourists. And Manrique did it. Arriving on the island, he received a piece of frozen volcanic lava for free. "She is not good for anything," said the host. But then the artist is born to see what others can not see. Manrique took and inscribed his house in the opening of the volcanic fissure. Then they were dug underground under the ground, where the bedroom was located. A swimming pool was built around which a greenhouse "blossomed." It turned out a terrific complex. Now the government of the island of Lanzarote owns all this beauty. "La Ginda de la cake" - "cherry from the cake" - so Lanzarottsy call the House-Museum Manrique.

The transformation of his native island master was engaged in25 years, until his death. And he died almost as well as his contemporary, another great Spaniard - Antonio Gaudi. Cesar Manrique got under the car, which on the island once or twice - and obchelsya ...

Thanks to Manrique, from the plain-looking Canarian Cinderella the island turned into a rich tourist center. And the Lanzarotians still today speak of their Cesar as if they had just seen him in a nearby street.

Merry descendants of the Guanches.

On the Canaries there are 1.5 million localOf the inhabitants. This is only 4% of the entire Spanish population. But the Canaries themselves do not want to identify themselves with the Spaniards "from the mainland". They call them "gedos" - "peninsula".

Aborigines who lived on the islands beforeThey were conquered by the Spaniards - tall, fair-haired people. They were from head to foot decorated with tattoos and were called Guanches. Scientists do not agree on where they came from. Some believe that the Guanches are Berbers who sailed from West Africa. Others - that the Guanches had first lived in Northern Europe and were there Vikings. Whatever it was, after the conquest by the Spaniards, the Guanches were mixed up with other peoples who had come in from the islands from Europe and Africa. And especially from Latin America. And the result was a cheerful, friendly and very loving holiday. However, who knows how to do good work when necessary. Than only the Canaries did not do! And fishing, and cultivation on the volcanic earth of a sugar cane, various vegetables and fruit. The plantations of the local vineyards just shocked me. This is what should be non-sloppy, that each vine should be fenced with an original semicircular fence made of stones! So that it will not be broken by winds and sand does not fall asleep ... Grape wines from the Canaries are wonderful. And on each island - their own variety. True, are not cheap, but tourists are surely being taken home as a souvenir of a bottle-another. Like the amazing local goat cheese, which is distinguished by some special taste. From Guanches, who could work with clay without a potter's wheel, the present islanders inherited the gift of creating very beautiful ceramics. Local masters did not lose the secrets of ancient lace weaving, graceful stitching and embroidery. So there is no problem whatsoever to bring it to mind.

Where did the guy get Spanish sadness?

Yes, nowhere to take it on the islands, whereCountless carnivals and holidays. And write Mikhail Svetlov verse about the Canaries, his hero would have to just rejoice and have fun. Local residents do it with pleasure and willingly draw visitors to their amusing shows. And the Canaries are able to cook deliciously and treat them from the heart. In their kitchen, as well as in the people themselves, which is only not mixed! Of course, very much from the Spanish, something - from the African, there are elements of Indian, Latin American .... Yes, you never know what else! But they have in common the predominance of seafood dishes. And the fact that everything is very tasty.

Thirst can not only be tastyLocal fruit juices or light, dry wines. You can not try rum on honey. After all, once on the Canary Islands - a former pirate kingdom - they made real rum with honey. It is much tastier and more expensive than the Cuban reed, which is often given out for real honey. Now the Canary rum produces very little - as they say, only for its own. So, relaxing on the islands, you need to taste the real taste of a real pirate rum! If it is too strong for ladies, you can enjoy sweet amber wine malvasia. In general, the "arsenal" is quite solid and not at all disposed to grief. She, most likely, all the same will crept, but only when there will come time to leave happy islands ...

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