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A few rules for a really healthy holiday


Exercise in the gym - improved muscletonus is useful both in the mountains and in the seas. And prepare the equipment in advance. On the coast of the December sea, the weather is mostly good, but changeable, and in the evenings you will need a warm windbreaker.

Avoiding colds alpine skiers will help correctlymatching underwear. Cotton and wool absorb sweat, and during the respite you are supercooled. Therefore, the layer of clothing closest to the body must be made of special moisture-releasing and quick-drying fabrics - polyester, polyamide, polartech, polypropylene. Socks - a combination of natural fabrics and lycra or elastane. Top with a warm sweater. Well and only then - a beautiful ski suit made of so-called membrane fabric, which does not get wet from snow and rain and allows you to let out steam. After a mountain skier in an hour can "evaporate" to a liter of moisture.


Whether you are a novice or an ordinary lover - do not choose inThe first 3-4 days of high training pace. Because of the lack of oxygen, we grab the icy air with our mouth, and he, without having had time to warm up, gets directly into the bronchi. Often, such skating ends with bronchitis and angina. Breathe only through the nose. Significantly reduce the sports load, if two weeks before it was transferred to ARVI. This is to not provoke complications on the joints and heart.


In Egypt, 40% of hotel customers' complaints are an upset stomach, and only then bruises,

minor burns, cold. Take it with you in case of poisoning the medicine (at least banal activated charcoal and regidron). This is now you are not going to try exotic dishes and drinks, and there in a fit of fun you can change your mind. To reduce the likelihood of poisoning simple rules help: drink only boiled and bottled water and do not lean on sea delicacies and fruits.


Not in vain in southern dishes so many spices - blackpepper, coriander, chili, turmeric, cardamom, ginger ... They suppress the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. If you have never had gastritis and cholecystitis and you are sure of your stomach, you can enjoy the southern and eastern spices and thereby strengthen the protection. The rest is better to prefer the dishes easier. If you are not used to sharp - too. Remember: dramatically changing the usual food, you put the body physiological stress. And this is a great "chance" for viruses and bacteria.


How many last winter were sunny days? 15 days for three months of half-darkness. It's no wonder that, having escaped from the winter, we are trying to take away all the sun of Egypt, the Emirates, Thailand. But it is necessary to brake: the superabundance of an ultraviolet harms to immunity. Limit yourself to the morning hours and remember the natural strengthening physiotherapy procedures. Winds from the sea are useful to allergic people: they bring clean air, and the lungs for a day pass through themselves an aerosol from the salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. This is about 10 billion particles that remove inflammatory processes in the airways.

Substitute the feet of the sun daily for 10-15 minutes. Ultraviolet, acting on the biologically active points of the foot, helps strengthen the local immunity of the nasopharynx and bronchi.

Warm up in the sun and cervical collar zone for 10 minutes a day, it is useful for chronic ENT diseases.


A person adapts to new climatic zones more quickly if he moves up and down the map, and does not change time zones. In this sense, a banal tour to Egypt is better than flying to Cuba.

Anyone who has chosen not to change the season of the year cando not worry at all. However, those who flew to the sea, too. For successful acclimatization, the mood is important. Think only of the good, literally hypnotize yourself: "I will not catch cold!"

This is useful when returning home. Only nervous tension from the view in the porthole of the leaden sky over Moscow can provoke a runny nose attack. Fans of the sea New Year's travel notice: on arrival there, as a rule, you feel wonderful. But back ...

In fact, 50% of tourists catch cold on the roadand only then they remember that they were sitting in an airplane or an airport under an air-conditioner. To prevent this from happening, start restoring the antiviral medication on rest and continue it in the first week after your arrival.

Let it be from your vacations to going to workit will be four days. The first time you will be contraindicated communication with coughing colleagues. The next weekend, sleep off, go for a walk in the winter forest or, wrapped up in a warm blanket, drink tea with honey and herbs. It is best for this purpose: echinacea, oregano, magnolia vine, sage, ginseng.

Do not "jump" from winter to summer:

  • children under 5 years of age, especially those who had had an infectious disease for two weeks before the trip;
  • having cardiovascular ailments;
  • pregnant;
  • who underwent surgery;
  • with dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • those who do not tolerate a sharp change of weather.
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